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Jillian Nielsen Introduces Voice-Overs

Jillian Nielsen

At Such A Voice you will find multiple leaders in the industry to guide you on your path to Voice-Over success. With over 35 years of experience, we are constantly honing our craft to provide the most complete and customized education available today. We guide both beginners and established voice-over artists to start and expand their careers through our intensive and very successful one-on-one coaching programs, including demo production. Our instructors are top working professionals in the industry click here to read their credentials and our students become top working professionals as a result!

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We offer complete training from our Introductory Voice-Over Classes to Customized One-on-One Coaching as well as our Career Advisory Program. Whether you are new to voice-overs or looking to improve on your current success, contact us today to learn how Such A Voice can help you to achieve your voice-over dreams! 

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New to voice-overs? Our introductory workshop is the perfect place to start!

Instructed by Jillian Nielsen, “You’re on the Air: How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs!” is a one-time, 2-hour introductory and interactive workshop. This class is designed to introduce interested students to the industry, allow them to ask questions, check out industry standard recording equipment, and even get to step up to the mic and record a practice voice-over.


In this class, our professional voice-over actor and coach Jillian Nielsen will discuss the following topics:

     the main players in the voice-over industry;
    — how professionals work today;
    — basic narration and commerical techniques;
    — what clients want to hear in their advertisements;
    — where voice-over artists work today;
    — if the voice-over industry is right for you;
    — how to get voice-over training, and,
    — how to use the 
Such A Voice method to develop and market your natural, yet unique voice to become a successful voice actor!


Below are our current locations for Jillian’s classes in the Indianapolis area.



Please contact us at today to find out when our next class is running in your area as well as to receive more details on our complete training programs! Please include your name, phone number and location.

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  South Bendl, IN

Carmel, IN



Can’t find a class location convenient for your travel? We also offer this workshop online!

All of the same content is covered, complete with the opportunity for Q&A with the instructor and a chance to have your voice evaluated.

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