You're On The Air: How to Really  Make it in Voice Overs

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Note: You do not need any special recording equipment to complete your evaluation.  All evaluations can be completed with just a telephone!

If you're interested in pursuing a career in voice-overs, the first step is to have your voice evaluated by our voice-over professionals. They will give you an honest, up-front assessment of your voice quality, as well as rate your potential for success in the industry. In addition, they will identify your potential niche in the voice-over industry and recommend steps that will take your voice to the next level. Our approach has been a refreshing experience not only for many aspiring voice-over talents, but also for established voice-over talents looking for a critique.


Step 1:  Please select ONE script to read for your evaluation from the available scripts below these directions.

Step 2:  Call our voice evaluation line (1-877-477-3249). Please state and spell your full name & email address (please use the email address you entered at our website), phone number and then read your script. Hang up after reading your script. Please note where you heard about Such A Voice.

When you call please remember to:

  1. Spell your name and e-mail address.
  2. If you have previously taken a voice-over class with a Such A Voice instructor please state their name at the beginning of your evaluation recording.
  3. Please clearly state your daytime and evening phone numbers.
  4. Please clearly state an alternate number or time if you are not typically available between 10am and 6pm Eastern Time.
  5. If you have scheduled an appointment to speak with someone on our team, please let us know who. Or if you prefer to have someone on our team work directly with you please state the name so you can be directly connected with them.

Step 3: Once you have recorded your script, your next step is to schedule a phone call to receive some professional feedback. You should have just received with a link that allows you to pull up a call calendar and schedule a specific day and time for one of our coaches to call you.

Please be available for the phone call, and we will provide candid feedback of what you did well, where you can most improve, and how professional talents would do a similar read. This typically takes about ten minutes. After this we invite you to ask any questions you may have about the voice-over business.

If for any reason you have been unsuccessful in getting a firm appointment with one of our coaches within 5 business days of leaving your voice evaluation, please send an email to evaluations [at] suchavoice [dot] com and we'll be happy to double check whether or not we have received your recording, as well as the accuracy of your contact information.

We look forward to hearing your voice!

Evaluation Scripts

ALAMO CAR RENTAL (commercial)

If you're ever near Durango, Colorado, you'll find a road to the sky...where a hundred years ago, men searched for the silver and gold they saw there. There are over one million miles of roads in Alamo territory, all over America, and every day, with every car nationwide, only ALAMO gives you all those miles for free, including a seventy-mile stretch along route 550 in Colorado, which takes you to the sky.

CLINIQUE (commercial)

Mark your calendar. It's Clinique's year-of-great-looks workshop. Twelve months' worth of looks-to-love, happening all this week, at the Clinique counter at Lord & Taylor. Go one-on-one with an expert for the latest makeup news. Learn tips, tools and techniques. For the looks you want now, come to CLINIQUE'S year-of-great-looks workshop. Happening all this Lord & Taylor.

LYLE AND THE BIRTHDAY PARTY(narration for children)

#1: "Please," said Mrs. Primm, when she was connected with the zoo, "my crocodile isn't feeling well today. Could you kindly recommend a good crocodile doctor?" "Where is the crocodile?" a man asked. "He's right beside me, here in the living room." said Mrs. Primm. "Living room?" "Yes ... liv ... ing roooom. Please," continued Mrs. Primm, "he must have a doctor." "Well..." The man hesitated. "Yes, do go on," pressed Mrs. Primm. "Well, there is a Dr. Lewis James on East 25th Street who is very good with crocodiles." "Oh thank you. Thank you so very much," said Mrs. Primm gratefully. The instant Mrs. Primm put down the receiver, she realized she had forgotten to ask for the doctor's phone number.

NEWSWEEK (Commercial)

When you look at the news, it's easy to forget our world isn't just war and conflict. At Newsweek, we know you're looking for more. So, we stir the soul -- with the cry of a baby -- the birth of an idea -- the making of a champion -- a masterpiece in art. At Newsweek, we do more than report the news -- at Newsweek, we report to you. NEWSWEEK. More than just the news.


The movie theatre has been a much-needed refuge during times of trouble....During the Depression, viewers were swept away by the sunny-natured Shirley Temple, making them forget about their troubles for a while. It was farewell to all the worries and cares of the day. When the PARAMOUNT THEATER opened its doors, we forgot about names like Hitler and Mussolini. It was time instead to unwind and dream a little. The PARAMOUNT introduced new young singers like Frank Sinatra, and showed films with big stars like Clark Gable and Betty Hutton. These were the times that tried men's souls, but the glitz and glamour of Hollywood kept us distracted and entertained. We retained our perspective, and most importantly, allowed ourselves to hold on, to our national sense of humor.