Investing with Such A Voice…the best gift I could have given myself.

Hi, Rob!

I just got my demos and I’m just thrilled with them! It’s amazing what a difference the right music makes! I wanted to personally thank you so much for all the assistance you gave me. The class was incredibly helpful. There is so much more to this art form than I ever really imagined, and that’s even from an actor’s point of view! Learning the intricacies of how to analyze each piece of copy before stepping up to the mic was exceptionally valuable information, and I know that those techniques will serve me well throughout my career.

I really appreciated the one-on-one coaching before and after my recording session. I enjoyed our talk and I found your advice on the business of voice-overs and the myriad of resources available to be immediately applicable and highly useful “insider information.”

It really helped cement my feeling that investing with Such A Voice in this fascinating, fun, and potentially lucrative endeavor was the best gift I could have given myself at this point in my life. I’m no longer searching for my passion. I’ve definitely found it, and you and everyone I have dealt with at Such A Voice have all been so professional and immensely supportive.

So, thank you again for all that you’ve done to prepare me! I will absolutely keep in touch and let you know how my career is blossoming! (Pun intended!)

Warm Regards,
Tulip Parker




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