Talent Spotlight: Ra Palacio

ra palacio

It’s been just over a year since we did our first Talent Spotlight, Ra Palacio. He showed so much promise as a budding voice-actor, and has certainly exceeded expectations with his success! Ra has spent his time working for Twitter, the Peace Corps, Champion Athletics, and several universities. You may have heard him on Spotify, or commercials like QNET; his range is quite profound. Ra has a rich and heartfelt voice that appeals to a diverse clientele, and his talent is complimented greatly by his personable nature.

SAV: It’s so exciting to see you doing so well! It truly speaks to your zeal for voice-over. What drives that passion?

Ra: The love of the art! I love to dive into a script and become whatever the script says. I love the process of recording and being in the studio. Bringing words to life has interested me since I was fifteen years old. Back then it was music, now it’s voice-over. There is always an internal push to do better, to dig deeper and get lost in a script.

SAV: What is your method for success when it comes to auditions?

Ra: When I first started doing voice-over I would rush to complete as many auditions as possible and submit them. It’s when I slowed down and worked with the copy, engaged with it, understood what was being said word-for-word and the message that needed to be conveyed… did a few takes and selected the best 1-3 to submit, then I started booking.

SAV: How do you keep up with industry standards and professional development?

Ra: Google and Youtube are awesome tools. I’m constantly researching voice-over topics. I’m in several groups on Facebook & LinkedIn. I talk with other voice-over talent all the time. I like to ask questions of those I feel are ahead of me so I can gain that next step. I try to do workout sessions to grow my VO acting chops. The voice-over family is very nurturing and loving… people are always willing to help and share info.

SAV: Do you have 1-2 favorite voice jobs that you have done? What made them special?

Ra: Twitter was super fun. Being in a big studio in Hollywood and doing work for a company was a dream! The challenge of taking direction from several people in an ISDN session was exhilarating for me. We all had a blast doing it: engineer, casting director, writers, and all.

The Rezvani Motors-Beast still stands out although it’s been awhile now. It was my first big booking. Seeing it featured on TMZ and getting called by friends because they saw it, was awesome. Just having to do that deep, low-tone voice. I imagined I was talking to the driver, pushing him toward the experience of driving this unique sports car… REALLY FUN!

Check out Ra’s TMZ spot here.

SAV: Hardest job you’ve done?

Ra: Geez, maybe one of those long-form training/e-learning modules I did. I have a newfound respect for those of us that specialize in long form narratives and audiobook work. I feel I need more growth with long form narrations.

SAV: Tell us about your studio!

Ra: I work out of my walk-in closet! I use a Macbook Pro, Pro Tools 9 as my DAW and an ST55 condenser mic with pop filter.

SAV: Your testimonials are awesome! What do you do differently from others in the industry that keeps your customers happy?

Ra: Well, I’m not sure I’m doing something totally different but I always try to add a personal/human touch to my encounters with customers. I don’t charge for small revisions and I try to deliver my audio faster than they expect it… oh, and always give multiple takes. They love options.

SAV: Is there anything you struggle with vocally? (accents/breathing/habits/etc)

Ra: While training, and through my first months, I struggled with breathing and pacing in my reads. That was something I had to practice.

SAV: What words of encouragement or inspiration can you give to others that yearn to be as successful as yourself?

Ra: Do your research, train, be a sponge for knowledge (there is always something to learn), and understand you won’t book everything you audition for. Rejection is part of the game, even if you think you were perfect for the script. Most of all, have FUN! Love the world of voice-over. You’ll be amazed by how much love comes back to you!



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