Staff Spotlight: Dale Epperson

Here at Such A Voice we bring together some pretty incredible professionals from all different parts of the world to provide our students with a top voice-over education. Our staff members have such a wide variety of backgrounds and unique personalities. From working VO actors starring in movies, videogames, and national TV commercial campaigns, to producers spending their days working on voice-over demos as well as broadcast voice-over work, to copywriters, casting directors and many other industry skills in between! We genuinely love bringing our expertise and our experiences together to create the best programs for our students.

For this week’s spotlight in the series, we’d like to introduce you to Such A Voice’s Head of Post Production, Dale Epperson

Hey Dale, thanks for the interview today! Please tell us a little bit about what you do here at Such A Voice.
I oversee the production of all of the demos that SAV produces,  making sure that they are leading edge, and as good as they can be.
We’d love to hear more about who you are too! Tell us, who is Mr. Epperson?
I’m a Dad – I have an 11 year old boy named Anthony, who is learning to swim, play trumpet and guitar, and he’s also learning how to be President – because we’ll need him.
Alright, let’s have a little fun. What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
The scariest thing that ever happened to me is  a flight out of Hong Kong airport that was cancelled at the height of the SARS epidemic.  It wasn’t the place to be…
What are you the most proud of?
Besides the pride I feel for my son, I’m proud of the fact that I worked for a lot of artists, including Don Henley, Sheryl Crow, Bernie Leadon, Tragically Hip, Blind Melon, Blue Man Group, Daniel Lanois, Phish, and I also worked for Les Paul for 20 years, which is something I vowed to do when I was 10, and read about Les in ‘Guitar Player’ magazine.
What did you major in college?
I majored in History and Music at the University of Norther Iowa, but I didn’t finish college, opting for Electronics Tech school at Brown Institute, to pursue my passion for recording.
Tell us one of the most memorable voice-over talents who’s demos you’ve produced? Is there someone who stands out as a favorite? 
My favorite was an animation demo for Heather Costa.
What’s your favorite thing about living in Vermont? (Where Such A Voice is actually based!)
I absolutely love Vermont.  We just bought a house in Fairfax, with a gorgeous view of Mt. Mansfield, which I take in every day while working from home.
I must ask, if you won the lottery, what would you do?
If I won the lottery, I’d set up my friends and family first, then, I’d become (more) politically active to make the world a better place for my son’s generation.  Oh, and I’d buy a very fast Tesla.
How did you come to work with Such A Voice?
I travelled to Burlington to help my friend Oliver build his studio, and fell in love, so I bugged Oliver until he got me a job here.
If you could share one piece of advice for voice-over talent about recording in their home studios, what would it be?  
My advice is to use your home studio to stretch your range.  It’s an opportunity to try things to find out just how far you can go, with no judgments or repercussions.  What feels exaggerated often sounds wonderful.  And you should always work in your pajamasheck, , just because you can.



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