Staff Spotlight: Megan Macphee

voice-over industrySAV: Hi Megan, welcome to the Such A Voice team! We’re super excited to have you! What first struck your interest about the voice-over industry? When did you get started?

Macphee: I’m excited to be a part of the Such A Voice team! I got my real start in the voice-over industry five years ago, but funnily enough my first VO audition ever was when I was a teenager for the babysitter role in The Incredibles movie! No pressure, haha! I then went on to pursue musical theater in undergrad and found my way back into the voice-over world afterwards. I truly love it!


SAV: What kind of voice-over projects have you done so far?

Macphee: I have a lot of experience in commercial voice-over. Right now, you may hear my voice in a television commercial for Lay’s Poppables, or if you stream TV – Smirnoff. Other clients include Fisher-Price, Birchbox, Nina Ricci Fragrance, Our Health California, and others. I am excited to be working on my first animated television series on Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains as Emma/Ghost Gal which is recording now.


SAV: Tell us more about your role here as a voice-over coach at Such A Voice. How would you describe your voice-over coaching techniques?

Macphee: Such A Voice has such a wonderful curriculum which reflects back to a lot of the training I have had as an actor. Like many of the talented coaches here, I like to also bring my training and style to the curriculum as well. At Such A Voice, we discuss the importance of warming up your body as well as your voice to prepare yourself for the work. I love this  technique that involves reading through the script as flat as possible with no inflection to get the words in your muscle memory and not getting attached to any particular read or inflection. I have tips and tricks to using my body in a way that changes the sound of my read (ie. shrug of the shoulders for a more conversational read, actually pointing to emphasize something in a copy, etc.) We discuss script analysis and ask questions like, “Who am I talking to? What am I really saying? What am I reacting to?” This makes a read sound much more authentic and conversational which is absolutely desired in the industry right now.


SAV: As a coach, what advice do you have for newcomers to the voice-over industry?

Macphee: Persistence and authenticity. I think those are my two words of advice. As with any industry, the work you put in is what you are going to get out of it and you need to be at the top of your game. Even as a professional, you always have to be practicing and keeping your tools sharp, taking classes and coaching sessions, practicing copy, and consistently getting in the booth. I’m having so much fun exploring other aspects of this industry that I am not as familiar with and I’m constantly seeking out growth opportunities. It’s also important to be authentic and find your true voice and niche of where you fit into the industry. I really believe success finds people when they are being true to themselves and allowing their unique light to shine. Clients want to work with the person who knows who they are and what amazing quality they can bring to their project.



SAV: Who is your role model in the voice-over industry?

Macphee: Gosh, so many! My coach Doriane Elliott is an amazing strong lady whom I’ve learned so much from. Darren Dunstan, the director of Yu-Gi-Oh, is also a voice actor. He is a genuine, wonderful person and a great director. As I get to know the wonderful women on staff at Such A Voice, they become great mentors. The list grows throughout your lifetime!


SAV: Who is your favorite superhero?

Macphee: Wonder Woman. That movie was so great and to finally see a strong woman saving the world – nothing beats that!

SAV: What are some of your favorite summer activities?

Macphee: I love eating at a great Mexican restaurant with a margarita in hand. I also love catching up on books to read on a beach or by a lake. In NYC, I like catching up on theatre, maybe seeing Shakespeare in the Park, heading to Central Park or the High Line to hang.


SAV: Which one is better: watching a movie or reading a book?

Macphee: I really love both, depends on my mood!


SAV: Oceans or lakes?

MacPhee: I prefer lakes, I grew up going to the Adirondacks and relaxing by the lake.


SAV: What do you enjoy the most about being a voice talent?

Macphee: I literally love lending my voice and energy to someone’s project and being of service in that way! I also love the community. I find the voice-over community one of the most collaborative and supportive communities in the entertainment industry and I am proud to be a part of it.


We want to thank Megan for taking the time to catch up with us and to thank you for tuning in each week to our blog. We always enjoy hearing your feedbackso be sure to join in on the conversation and see what’s trending about Such A Voice!




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