Talent Spotlight: Sheli Baez

Sheli Baez finished our voice-over training program earlier this year and she’s already booking radio spots, educational materials, and a super-secret animation project that is set to come out in 2019. Oh, and did we mention she’s bilingual?

Let’s check in with her and see how her VO career is going, and see if she’s got any advice for anyone getting started!

SAV: Hi Sheli, thanks so much for taking the time to chat. Rumor has it, you’ve been rockin’ the mic lately! Can you tell us what you’ve been up to since completing our training program?

Baez: Sure thing! Since completing the program last December, I have been booked several radio commercial spots in both English and Spanish. I’ve also narrated

 a standardized test, voiced an educational toy, and voiced an animated series pilot that should be finished sometime in 2019!

SAV: What are some takeaways from your time spent with your coach, Justine Reiss? What was the most valuable piece of advice that you’ve received?

Baez: Justine was a terrific mentor, she taught me to relax and read the copy as I would to a friend. It’s so easy to overperform when you really want to book an audition, but being yourself is the best way to succeed. I consider her both a mentor and a friend 🙂

SAV: How did you come across Such A Voice in your voice-over training search? What ultimately made you decide to get training in the first place?

Baez: I attended an info session with Dan Levine at the 92nd Street YMCA in New York City and he followed up with a phone call regarding my evaluation. I felt so encouraged after his phone call that I made the decision to start training immediately after.

SAV: How would you define your niche? Audiobooks? Narration? Something else?

Baez: Being able to speak fluently in English and Spanish with no discerning accent has really helped me define my brand in voice-over. Though I’ve been

booking plenty of commercials, I’ve also booked some animation jobs, which is a dream come true for me!

SAV: Do you have your own home studio? If so, what’s your set-up like?

Baez: I live in a tiny NYC apartment so, my home studio is in my tiny coat closet. I even use my coats as part of the sound treatment. Believe it or not, I even recorded my remotely directed session for the upcoming animated pilot inside that little closet!

SAV: Who is your role model in the voice-over industry?

Baez: I am inspired by the big shot animation gals such as Tara Strong, but after meeting some incredibly talented and hardworking women this past year, I absolutely admire Lisa Biggs and how generous she’s been in mentoring the community with a kind heart and showing that your dreams can be achieved with a little grit and a lot of hard work.

SAV: What do you like the most about being a voice actor?

Baez: I love to bring joy through my words. It’s pretty awesome to know that your voice makes an impact in the world – quite literally! Also, voice actors are the kindest community in the entertainment industry. Period!

SAV: What do you like to do in your free time outside of voice acting?

Baez: Aside from voice acting, I am a licensed NYC tour guide and lead food tours throughout the city. It’s the perfect job for a voice actor because you have plenty of opportunities to do public speaking, bring stories to life and even pick up some interesting accents from your visitors.

SAV: Anything fun and exciting coming up in the new year? (VO or non-VO related)

Baez: I’m looking forward to being able to share my top secret animation project next year, to continue working hard, and to meet more voice actors I can collaborate with.

SAV: What’s one piece of advice that you’d like to share with those who are either just getting started in VO or thinking about getting started?

Baez: Learn everything you can, meet others in the industry, and know that the hard work and effort you put in will one day equal success.


Take a look at Sheli’s website here!


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