Working Wednesday: Approaching an eLearning Script

Sound like the Expert

As an actor voicing an eLearning script, you are the authority in the subject matter you are voicing. Therefore, you need to be able to confidently explain and represent the content that is presented. There are so many different topics and genres of eLearning, that we can’t possibly know about them all in great depth! However, we need to sound like we do and that is when you need to step into your “actor shoes.” Through script analysis, you should understand what the script is really saying and be able to present it in a confident, clear and engaging manner. It’s important to create a script analysis that supports this, whether you are a teacher, professor, medical professional, HR representative, anyone who you can imagine being an expert in the subject matter you are voicing. If you have a background or education in other areas, this is a great opportunity to use your past experience to your advantage!

Be Mindful of Pacing

eLearning can be a great deal of information packed into a script and the goal of voicing this content is clarity for the listener. You don’t want to race through text, you want to be mindful that this may be the first time the listener is introduced to this material, so you want to be as clear as possible. However, when you are taking your time with text, you should be mindful of your tone so that it doesn’t come across as condescending in any way.

Check Your Work!

Nothing is worse than spending a considerable amount of time on recording and editing a file, only to hear back from the client that you mispronounced a word that repeats in the script multiple times! If there is a mistake in the script from the writer’s perspective you are (usually) entitled to charge for any pick-ups (just be clear about that when setting forth the agreement with the client in your initial correspondence). However, if it is your mispronunciation or mistake, that would not qualify as a paid pick-up. Be diligent about checking your work for your wording and pronunciation, especially if this particular topic of eLearning may not be familiar to you.




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