Filling Your Booth with Thanks

There are many steps that go into having a successful VO career:

Drive. Imagination. Confidence.

But is there anything more powerful in a voice actor’s arsenal than gratitude?

This Working Wednesday, we are going to discuss the importance of gratitude on a daily basis. 

So much of our lives as artists is out of our control, but when we take time to “count our blessings” and reframe our days from a place of thanks rather than need, it makes a world of difference

Before you audition, when you wake up, take some time to list three things you are grateful for. Every day could be a different list or a consistent trio of things you are grateful for.

I hope this list changes but I wanted to provide three points of gratitude for you to consider daily. From one artist to another, this journey is long but so worth the trek. Take every opportunity you can to celebrate the gift it is to act. 


  1. Recognize how lucky you are to be able to pursue your dreams. 

The fact that you have the courage to pursue your dreams and the talent to compete is an incredible gift. Recognize this daily, and thank yourself for taking the leap of faith. 


  1. Be grateful for every opportunity to audition.

For 30 seconds or three minutes, that audition is YOUR chance to shine, and for that window of time you get to play the part to your fullest. You can’t control booking it but you can control giving it your all as an artist and that’s something to be grateful for every day.


  1. Be grateful to those who have supported and encouraged you.

Whether it’s an agent or a manager, a producer or a partner, every opportunity you get to act has been supported by a long line of folks who believe in you. Take the time to thank those people even if you don’t book the job. Gigs are a matter of timing, but support and friendship is timeless.  


Here’s hoping that during this season of thanks and celebration, that you’ll take some time to celebrate your own VO journey and be grateful for every opportunity you get to act and audition.



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