Seasons Greetings: When and How to Send Clients Glad Tidings

The holidays are upon us, and I wanted to take a couple of moments to discuss a few ideas to spread cheer to your clients, without coming off cheesier than a Hallmark holiday movie marathon…

  1. The thought ALWAYS counts

    I guess the reindeer were busy?

Reach out to your agency, clients, and VO network to see what their preference is for holiday gifts. Sometimes they have a designated day for drop off and delivery. When in doubt, ask for the mailing address to send cards, gifts, holiday floral arrangements, etc.

  1. Digital gift cards 

I think drop-off and delivery and in-person is ALWAYS best but since we work in a virtual world and not all clients are even on the same continent, we have to get creative. Take a little time to research a local eatery or retail store that you might be able to send a gift card for digitally. Starbucks is usually a good option!

  1. “Don’t forget the janitor” 

Advice my Papa gave me growing up, when you go to give a gift, don’t just think of the person in the position of hiring, think of the person that CAN’T help you immediately or obviously. Those are the people that often may appreciate the thoughtfulness the most, and you are all apart of the process to bringing VO to life. Production assistants, editors, and custodial staff at your go-to studio all fit the bill.

  1. Digital greeting card

There are many apps out there that will and can allow you to add your voice into a little digital mailing, maybe even just taking a moment to make a small “virtual e-card” in iMovie is a great way to spread holiday cheer and remind folks what you sound like. (And heck, if you are an audiobook narrator, maybe get creative and record a special holiday story ala A Christmas Carol or send along a copy of your latest work!) 

  1. Say thanks

That’s the simplest and warmest holiday wish anyone can ask for. A quick note, a sincere text or, dare I say, even a phone call, to thank them for the chance to work together this past year. 

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and may all your booking be bright! 



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