Steam Power: Keeping the VO Train on Track

With the holidays behind us, here’s a helpful morning routine I do almost every day. All you will need is 15 minutes and some source of steam (for the purpose of being water-conscious, I recommend doing these exercises while in a warm or hot shower).

  • Gargle saltwater: just a little pinch of salt goes a long way. Gargling is a great way to loosen things up in the morning and to reduce inflammation from the previous day’s usage.
  • Breathe in the steam through your nose, and exhale on a yawn-sigh. Allow yourself to be relaxed and ready for whatever auditions and sessions await you.
  • Sing in the shower— or hum if you are shy! Gentle vocalizations are a fantastic way to get your instrument ready for the day ahead.
  • Tongue twisters while you brush your teeth, the morning routine doesn’t just stop when the shower water does. Keep warming up your articulators with some simple tongue twisters, for an added challenge try articulating while brushing your teeth!

May these exercises warm your voice up and get you in a place of relaxed readiness, feeling refreshed and prepared for the day ahead! 



Want some more warm-up exercises? Check out this article on warm-ups to relieve vocal tension!



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