Why Audition Coaching is Growing in Popularity

There has never been a better or more exciting time to get into voice acting. From commercials, corporate narrations and video games, to ADR work in films and TV, there are so many opportunities for budding voice actors that it’s hard to keep up. Consider the mind blowing number of pay-to-play sites, video uploading platforms, movie streaming services and the like. They all need voice actors.

But while the increasing demand for entertainment content creates more jobs, the simultaneous growth of on-line casting makes it more competitive than ever before.  Today, we are vying for jobs with talent across the globe. This is why savvy actors are getting the edge they need by employing the services of an Audition Coach.

Audition coaching is a specialized service, utilized by both voice and on-camera actors, where you book time to work specifically on an upcoming audition that is very important to you.

This service is not only utilized by newer voice actors, but also folks at the height of their career. Successful actors know that competition is high, and the demand for excellence has never been greater.  

You can bring an audition from any source to your audition coach. It doesn’t matter if it’s from a pay-to-play site, Backstage, or your agent. If you really want to book it, audition coaching is a great option.  

As with any form of coaching, audition coaching is not a guarantee that you will book the job; rather, it’s an investment in sharpening your audition skills. Before you book time with an audition coach it is important to already have training or experience in the fundamentals of voice-acting.  

Most, if not all audition coaches are voice acting coaches who offer this additional service. They know what casting folks are looking for, and will guide you in your exploration of the audition copy, but you need to already have a good grasp of the concepts they share with you.

One of the biggest challenges a voice-actor faces is lifting the words off the page and making them their own in a way that is believable, compelling, and entertaining.

We don’t know exactly what the casting director is looking for in an audition, and usually the director’s notes are sparse. A good audition coach will encourage you to do your due diligence with thorough script analysis. They will help you tear the script apart to understand what the writer wants from the actor, and find magical nuggets you may miss. They will push you to take risks and find your own unique story in the words.

Now more than ever, being good is not good enough. You have to give your nod to the  writer, and then blast off into uncharted territory. The voice actors who book auditions often find ways to expand the story in the copy, in ways the writer never imagined.

Don’t let this idea intimidate you. You did it every day as a kid on the playground. Give yourself the freedom, as you did when you were a child, to take an idea and let your imagination run wild. I recently sat in on a seminar with commercial casting director, Melanie Forchetti, from Mike Lemon Casting. She emphasized one point again and again: as a voice actor, don’t just say the words. Make choices, and you will be well ahead of half the folks auditioning today.  

While you’re waiting for the day when you book your dream audition, keep training. Take  online acting and improv workshops.

Remember: when it comes to voice acting, playing it safe isn’t safe anymore. A good audition coach will help you fully realize that.




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