Working Wednesday: Learning Ally

Have you ever heard of Learning Ally? It is a platform that assists people with dyslexia, learning disorders, and the visually impaired . Volunteers record audiobooks, upload them to their platform, and the wonderful staff at Learning Ally uses the audio to help improve the lives of people through the power of reading.

The history of Learning Ally goes back to 1948 when Ann T. MacDonald formed Recording for the Blind to assist soldiers who lost their sight in combat. This help came by way of recording textbooks on vinyl phonograph disks and helping them to continue their education. As time went on, services expanded to students with learning difficulties. This service not only helped kids in schools, but extended to households as well.

The work that Learning Ally has done and is continuing to do, is monumental for development, growth, self-esteem, confidence, enlightenment, strength, and perseverance for millions of people. There are no words to describe the euphoria I feel from having volunteered my time, energy and talent to producing several audiobooks for Learning Ally. The moment I found out about Learning Ally and knew what their mission involved, I did not hesitate to make the necessary contacts and began recording for them. This was at the beginning of my voice-over journey. I was sure that by donating my time and effort, it would result in future compensation  in other voice-over ventures. My sentiment turned out to be true.

I encourage you to record for Learning Ally and experience the bliss that I experienced. It does take time, patience, effort and persistence, but it is worth it. We have to understand the importance of give and take. We need to realize that charity and contribution does not always come in the form of money or material things. Donating time, talent, giving a smile, showing a supportive gesture, words of advice, showing affection, not judging people and loving each other are all forms of charity and contribution to humanity. You can keep the aforementioned things in mind and practice them but you can also be of assistance and give your talent, time and energy by recording for Learning Ally and making a difference in the lives of many! 



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