Bob has been using his unique voice to calm and reassure his dental patients for the past 30 years.  During his career, he used his voice to gain trust, reinforce good habits as well as educate and correct behavior of his patients.  He learned that it was not simply the words that were spoken, but HOW they were spoken would mean all the difference between a smooth appointment and a more stressful one.  Bob prides himself on his attention to detail, delivering his service on-time, and doing the right thing.  His greatest accomplishment was building a business consisting of honest, trusting relationships with people that would last throughout his career.

In 2018, Bob put down the drill and picked up the microphone.  He is passionate about creative process and has trained with the best in the business to give his projects superior vocals and professional quality sound.   His voice can be warm and friendly like the guy next door or it can be compassionate and concerned like a father or a brother.  He can sound serious and dramatic or he can be funny and upbeat.

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