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Such A Voice Training Program Modules

Welcome to Such A Voice’s Voice-Over Coaching and Demo Production Training Program! Your education starts as soon as you sign up with some very important components that you must complete before starting lessons with your coach. Please don’t hesitate. You should begin working your way through the modules of Phase One Training right away to be sure that you are ready for your first coaching session. The more prepared you are, the more you will get out of these technique driven sessions, and the better your demo will sound! Let’s get started!

PHASE ONE- Self-Preparation


(Module A) Computer Ready?


As you know, these days computer skills are required to make it as a voice-over artist with the majority of work being done in home studios. Answer these quick questions to determine if you are ready to skip on to Module B:

1) Do you have a computer set up in your home?

2) Do you know how to attach files to an email as well as download files that you receive via email?

3) Have you downloaded and installed programs on your computer before?

4) Do you feel comfortable navigating the internet and operating basic programs (such as Microsoft Word) on your computer?

5) Have you attached external devices or other hardware to your computer? Example: printers, external drives, cameras, etc.

If you have answered “yes” to ALL of these questions please move right on to Module B. If you have answered “no” to any or all of these questions please pause here and select one of the following steps to improve your computer skills before moving on in your voice-over training. You must feel comfortable with the above computer operations before beginning your coaching in order to spend adequate time in your sessions focusing on technique.

Option 1) Watch and learn from the Such A Voice video series and recommended free video series to perform the basic functions on your computer.

Click Here for Such A Voice Videos

Click Here for GCF Learn Free Videos

Option 2) Learn quickly with Kelli Bullock through one-on-one sessions to perform the necessary computer functions. Kelli charges $20 per hour and will set up personal sessions with you first via phone and then through Skype as you become more comfortable, to get you up to speed as quickly as possible. Kelli will teach you these skills by assisting you to download and use the necessary programs for voice-overs and your coaching sessions. Contact Kelli at or by phone at 734-717-0462 to set up your sessions as soon as possible if you choose this option! *Please note that Kelli is an online computer educator on everything from basic computer knowledge to MS Office, HTML and much more! She has been in the IT business for over twenty years, with two degrees in Computer Science. She offers training on both PC and Mac. We highly recommend Kelli and if you are interested in utilizing her services, please contact her directly to schedule payment & appointments, as she is not an employee of Such A Voice.

Option 3) Take a basic computer class at your local library or college. If you choose this option you may need to delay the start of your coaching sessions depending on the schedule and completion of your course.

(Module B) Set up your home-studio equipment!


If you are receiving your equipment from Sweetwater, you may call the company if you have any problems or need any help in setting up your equipment. Once you have your equipment, or if you are purchasing it yourself, you will need to complete the New Student Setup Guide. Please read through the entire file before moving forward. You can find the New Student Setup Guide here: Click Here. Be sure to thoroughly complete each step in the guide.

As you set up your equipment it is also very important to consider the room space you are using. Acoustics are very important when recording voice-overs and there are certain things you will need to avoid as well as some treatments you may need to make. Please be sure to set up your studio in the same space that you will be recording. This is imperative to get an accurate assessment of the acoustical space in which you’ll be using.

**Avoid setting up your equipment and planning to record in rooms with hardwood floors, high ceilings, or rooms that have a lot of noise coming in from the outside (or inside such as a loud running refrigerator or air conditioner.) All of these scenarios produce very poor acoustics that can be difficult to overcome.

Some treatments you may wish to consider are covered in the New Student Setup Guide.


(Module C) Schedule Your Home Studio Review!

Now that you are ready to use your equipment, your next step is to meet with our tech department to review everything and make sure you are all set for your coaching sessions! Please make sure that you have read the entire New Student Setup Guide and set up your equipment in the space you will be recording before scheduling your appointment. Once you have completed your Home Studio Review, please contact your coach to schedule your first session. After you have the date scheduled with your coach, continue on to Module D.


(Module D) Begin Practicing!


This module is probably a lot more important than it sounds! Believe it or not there are many things you can learn on your own, using your own ear as you practice, by making some recordings before you start coaching. Taking the time to learn these basics will help you to make the most out of your lessons, and help you to be as prepared as you can be when it comes time to record your demo. After all, you don’t want to pay someone to give you fixes on things you could have done on your own, do you? Visit our free script library in the Member’s Only section and choose some scripts to work with.

1) Practice recording yourself reading these scripts and listen to yourself afterward. Listen for some basic things such as:

  • Did I breathe in a spot that didn’t sound natural?
  • Did I put emphasis on some words that sounded unnatural or out of place?
  • Does the recording sound like I read the script too fast or too slow?
  • Did I vary the pitch of my voice throughout the read in a way that sounds natural, or was it monotone?
  • Did I identify the character in the script and who my target audience was- and did I stay true to this throughout the read?

2) You may want to record several takes of each script, trying out new ideas and making fixes after you listen. Save some of your favorites to your coach’s dropbox folder to share when you meet for further insight on your analysis of how well you did!


PHASE 2- One-on-One Coaching

Class Outline and Objectives:

** The Four Points to Script Analysis. Script analysis connects you with the message and helps you understand how to make the right decisions for vocal delivery.

** Identify and Overcome Bad Vocal Habits. We will evaluate your voice and determine exactly what your particular areas of struggle are. We will then work to overcome those bad habits, replacing them with good habits that will get you hired.

** Learn Specific Vocal Techniques for Emphasis, Expression and Energy. How to not sound like an “announcer,” (the kiss of death!) how to bring natural energy and expression to any read.

** Proper Breath Control. How to get through long narration and run-on sentences through proper breath control.

** Acting and Character Analysis. How acting relates to voice-over, applying character analysis.

** Responding to Direction & How to Self-direct. How to think on your feet and switch gears quickly!

** Custom Scripts Written for Your Demos by Our In-House Copywriter. After thorough evaluation from your coach regarding your voice style and possible niches, our in-house copywriter will create scripts specifically for your voice that will be original and unique to your demo.


PHASE 3- Demo Recording and Production

Once you have completed the designated coaching sessions to focus on voice-over technique and script preparation for your demos, your coach will assess if you are ready to move on to the demo recording and production phase. During this phase you will spend the designated 2 hours working with your coach via Skype to actually record your demos. Once the recording is complete you will export the audio files from Audacity into the dropbox folder you set up during your home studio review titled “for Post Production”. These files will be received by our Post Production Department where our skilled engineers will edit your takes, add music and sound effects (where appropriate) to create the completed demos. Once your demos are complete, you will receive stereo WAV files of your demos for your personal files, and Mp3 versions of your demos will be posted on your Such A Voice webpage. You can expect roughly a 4 week turnaround, to be sure that the highest quality possible is met in the production of your demos.



PHASE 4- Career Advisory and Other Continued Training


Click on the headings below to access more information about each program.


Such A Voice’s Career Advisory Program

Our Personal Career Advisory Program is designed to guide you through those next steps beyond coaching. We strive to bring students to their highest potential, however, what you accomplish during these sessions is dependent upon your current skill level and participation. Your sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. We strongly encourage you to download and view our marketing videos located in the Member’s Only section of our website, as this will help you to prepare for your sessions.

Beginning voice-over artists often spend months or even years learning to translate their natural talent into a successful running business. Find the guidance you need from our Career Advisors to put you on that direct path to success!

What you will learn:

** Branding yourself within the industry

** Expanding or creating your marketing plan

** Making the RIGHT contacts so you can get hired!

** Using social networking to get work

** The basics of setting up your business

** Getting set up on Voice123 and other online voice-casting sites

** Help with audio editing and recording

** Audition Review – critiques of current or past auditions to improve your success rate!

** Please note that objectives depend on skill level and need of the student.


Such a Voice’s Accelerate to Booking VO Jobs Program

This program is devoted solely to guiding you through the process of selecting online auditions, submitting your recording or demo, and/or selecting appropriate businesses to contact and market yourself to, along with guidance through the actual process. It also includes audition check ups as you take the reigns on your own. Working hand in hand through this process with a Voice-Over Professional will help to alleviate that learning curve of finding paying work.

Having this guidance from a VO professional (who has landed many paying jobs!) through these steps will give you:

  • The confidence you need to know that you are approaching it the right way and just need to continue on in order to find your success!
  • Confidence that you are selecting appropriate auditions and prospective clients.
  • Know that you are submitting the best possible auditions to showcase your talent.
  • Know that your method is solid and it is just a matter of time before you rise to that “paid VO professional” status!

*It is recommended that this program be completed after your Career Advisory program.


Such A Voice’s Live Bi-Weekly Training Series

Our Bi-Weekly Live Training Series is an on-going training program that consists of unique topic-driven, 1-hour live teleconferences, held twice each month. These training sessions are geared towards both new talent and established voice-over professionals alike, as voice-over training is continual throughout one’s career. Each session includes a Q&A with the presenter and replay links are also available for those who are not able to attend live.

On the second and fourth Sundays of each month, from 8:00pm – 9:00pm EST a session will be held. Once you are registered, you will call in to our phone line or log on to our audio streaming website that will broadcast every call. We will even email you a website/call-in information as a reminder before each session.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Organization & Business Practices
  • Internet Marketing
  • Technique Practice Routines
  • Persistent Marketing
  • Overall Business Planning & Additional Marketing Ideas
  • Voice-Over Technique & Using Your Ear
  • Narration Work Opportunities
  • Possibilities For Crossover Work
  • Getting Into The Bigger Markets
  • Your Long-Term Business Plan
  • Recording Software & Home Studio Setup
  • How to Impress The Producer
  • Auditioning for Online Websites
  • Motivational Themes
  • Niche Based Marketing
  • Special Guest Expert Interviews
  • Getting into Audiobooks, Character work, and much, much more.


Such A Voice’s Editing Workshop

Such A Voice is opening access to some of our most talented voice-over producers in order to teach voice-over artists such as yourself everything you need to know about Pro Tools, Studio One, or Audacity!

Class Details:

One of our recording experts will work with you privately for three 1-hr sessions through Skype, walking you through all the steps of recording, editing, mixing and bouncing your voice-over work.

Your instructor will help you learn aspects of recording and editing in these recording programs that you may not have even thought of! Repetition is key to learning, and there’s no faster way to learn it than with one of our very own trained producers.


Such A Voice’s Accent Reduction Program

*If you have a strong accent or regionalism, this program is recommended prior to recording your demo. Your current coaching sessions can be put on hold at any point to complete this program first.

Train with accent reduction specialist Talia Gonzalez to reduce your accent or regionalism. Developing a neutral accent can open up many more possibilities for VO artists with a strong accent or regionalism. As a Boston native, Talia has neutralized her own accent and now works as a highly successful VO artist based out of New York. She has also trained students from all corners of the US and beyond to neutralize their accents.

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