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–Bob Gatchel

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  • Voice-Over
    Technique Ideas
  • How to Circumvent
    the Competition
  • The All Important Demo
  • Should You Join the Union?
  • Home Recording Studios
  • Different Types of
    Voice-Over Work
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Start Getting More Voice Over Work and Voice Over Jobs.  Packages To Get Started in Voiceovers The Right Way.

If you want to know how to get started in voice over work, or if you would like to increase your current voiceover work flow, you’ve come to the right place!

Such A Voice offers a variety of packages that are suited for all levels. Our all-inclusive Master Program is designed to give beginners the voice-over technique you’ll need to sound like a professional, and we’ll also go in-depth into the marketing techniques that will help your career in your local market!

Our Pro Tools Workshops are reserved for voice actors who have already had some voice-over technique training but would like to more assistance recording and editing with their own gear.

Such A Voice is also continuously putting together various group packages, such as the Guru Sessions, for voiceover artists who would like additional training, support, jobs or a community of voice actors to network with.

No matter what stage of the game you are in your professional voice-over career, Such A Voice can provide assistance that’s just right for you! Start by watching the first segment of Dan Levine’s video, “You’re On the Air … How to Really Make It in Voice-Overs,” and then give us a call!

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