Voice-Over Training & Demo Production
by Such A Voice

If you are considering a career in voice-overs, whether part- or full-time, it is extremely important that you start with solid voice-over technique training and a stellar demo. Beyond that, you'll need to know how to set up and operate your home recording studio. We can also teach you where to go and how to get the work!

Our voice-over packages are designed with one question in mind:

How can we provide our students with the techniques, marketing skills and support that they need to succeed in the industry?

The Such A Voice Programs are the most complete packages on the market for beginners. Please go through the Free Voice Evaluation for an invitation or for more information.


We also provide professionally recorded and produced demos for the experienced professionals, and we offer continuing education guidance on technique, marketing or recording.  Demo recording options will require a voice evaluation to ensure a recording session is the best match for your current level of skill and expereience.


Please contact your coach/producer to sign-up for one of the programs or to get further details.

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