new jersey voice-over classesHere in the Garden State, there are plenty of opportunities for you to blossom as a voice actor! James Seawood, a New Jersey resident, and professional voice actor, teaches our introductory New Jersey voice-over classes.

In our classes, you will learn how to use your voice for commercials, video games, documentaries, and much more! Your instructor will provide with you an overview of the industry and dive deeper into techniques and types of voice-overs. At the end of the class, you’ll get to step behind the mic and use our home studio equipment to record your own voice-over!

Our New Jersey voice-over classes are both informative and interactive, giving you a chance to be in the shoes of a voice actor for a couple of hours. Who knows, maybe you won’t take off the shoes after the class and you’ll want to pursue a career in voice-overs! You won’t know until you try, so come check out our classes in New Jersey and see if voice-over is your calling! 

When are the classes happening next?

Please reach out to with any specific class inquiries.

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: James will go over the key technique points you need to know in order to be a successful voice actor. A lot of it is all about pace, pitch and smiling! 
  • Types of Voice-Overs: Learn about commercial and narration job opportunities and hear more about other types of voice-overs. Which one will speak out to you the most?
  • The Union: Many voice actors just starting out consider looking into what the union has to offer. James will talk more about if the union is something you should join.
  • How to get the work: Now, this is the exciting part! What’s great about being a voice actor is that you’re able to learn a wide range of skill sets within this career. It’s important to have your voice-over techniques down, but it’s equally important to know how to market your voice-over skills. Don’t worry, James will provide some tips about how you can get your voice heard by clients and agencies.
  • The Home Studio: A big perk of being a voice actor is that you can work from home. That’s right! Most voice actors today build their own home studio, where they can edit, produce, and record demos in.
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: After you have gone through voice-over training and have recorded your voice-over demo, you’ll be ready to put your work out there to clients and agencies. James will offer some insight into how to make your demo stand out.

Who teaches our New Jersey voice-over classes?

new jersey voice-over classesJames Seawood is a New York based voice talent and teacher. He has brought his signature sound to commercials for a myriad of brands and organizations including Nike, Army West Point, The City of Charlotte, Cholula Hot Sauce and MGM Las Vegas Casino. James enjoys helping others bring their voice to life and inspiring people to pursue their passions, especially voice-over.





Can’t make it any of our New Jersey voice-over classes? No need to worry! We have online learning opportunities, including our must knows of voice-over resource guide


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