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We hear voice-overs so much on a daily basis that we often don’t really think about it. A voice-over may be heard on a video game you’re playing, a podcast you’re streaming, or a commercial you’re watching for a well-known brand. What does the voice sound like? What story is the voice telling? Your voice matters, but you will learn that you need more than just a good voice to thrive in this industry. Anyone who has ever worked in the industry can tell you it’s a profession that requires a lot of discipline, determination, practice, and raw, natural talent. Such A Voice has a team of well-seasoned professional voice coaches who can provide you with the voice-over information you need to know.

Voice-Over Information You Need to Know

What is a voice-over? A voice-over is defined as ANY recorded voice where you don’t see the face doing the talking. The voice-over industry covers virtually all areas of media, from animation to video games to journalism to education. Talented and skilled voice-over professionals use their voices to convey information, establish a mood, and create characters. If you believe you have what it takes to become a successful voice-over artist, Such A Voice can help you realize your dream in any segment of the industry you’re interested in pursuing.

What Type of Voice-Over Work is Right for You?

Such A Voice offers you professional voice coaches who are experienced in virtually all aspects of the voice-over industry. We provide training and coaching to help you become successful in every area of the industry, including:

  • Animation — Learn the ins and outs of becoming a successful voice actor for animated characters from our talented and experienced instructors.
  • Commercials — Voice-over artists for commercials are some of the most sought-after professionals in the industry.
  • Online — With the rise in online content, there is a high demand for voice-over professionals. Maybe you can be the next Siri or Alexa!
  • Political — Political advertisements require a persuasive voice that can deliver a message effectively and drive people to action.
  • Television — There are plenty of voice-over opportunities in the television industry for those who are looking to pursue this niche.
  • Radio — Voice-over work on the radio is the oldest segment of the industry and it still remains a strong, popular market.
  • Narration — From audiobooks to online learning to newscasting, the art of effective narration continues to dominate the voice-over industry. 90% of VO work is narration.

Find Your Place in the Industry  

Quality voice actors have the opportunity to build long-lasting and rewarding careers in the voice-over industry with the voice-over information and training from Such A Voice. We offer lifelong support, so we’ll always be here for you! No matter what kind of voice you have, our instruction will bring out the best qualities of your voice and help you learn how to put it to its best use in the industry. Our training covers all facets of the voice-over industry including marketing, voice techniques, home studio recording equipment, and finding success during the audition and casting process.

Whatever your voice is suited for, it’s time to take your talent seriously and get started today with Such A Voice. Check out our webinar, You’re on the Air, How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs, to see if a career in voice acting is right for you! We can’t wait to see you thrive in your voice-over profession!

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