Professional Voice-Over Training

voice-over trainingHave you ever been told you have a great voice? Do people tell you that you should be on the radio, or that they could hear your voice on a commercial? If so, you might have what it takes to become a successful professional in the exciting and in-demand voice-over industry. However, there’s much more to being a successful voice-over professional than having a great voice. Such A Voice provides you with the voice-over training groundwork you’ll need. Our qualified and experienced instructors give you the best voice-over training in the business, providing you with a solid foundation to enter into a new and highly satisfying career.

Learning the Trade

When you participate in voice-over training programs online through Such A Voice, you’ll receive coaching geared toward developing your raw talent into real skill. Our weekly webinar course will dive deeply into the exciting voiceover industry discussing the numerous opportunities for voice-over professionals. This introductory class also focuses on how talent prepare, record, and produce the all-important voice-over demo. Offered in the evening every week, our online webinar provides students with numerous options to fit their busy schedules.

Take Part in Teleconferencing

For a more in-depth view of the voice-over industry, take part in Such A Voice’s VO Pro Membership. This series of teleconference calls provides students with an ongoing resource of knowledge in areas of voice-over, including…

  • Training techniques
  • Marketing
  • Recording
  • Additional specialties within the industry

These one-hour teleconference calls are held twice a month, and are recorded for members to review at any time, even if they were not able to participate in the live session.

Our Experienced Coaches

Such A Voice has an extensive lineup of successful voice-over professionals who serve as voice coaches to our students. Their experience ranges from national TV commercials to audiobooks, to corporate narration, promos, video games, animation, and beyond. Our instructors and voice coaches are dedicated to providing students with the best voice-over coaching to be found anywhere. Learning the voice acting trade through Such A Voice will prepare you for a new and exciting career path that will make the most of your natural ability and hone your skills as a professional.

You can get to know our voice coaches and team by visiting Our Staff and Producers page. Also, read our blog or tons of great voice-over insights. Whether people keep telling you they love the sound of your voice, or you believe you have the right skills for this business, it’s time to take your talent seriously! Get started on your way to becoming a successful voice-over professional today!


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