Voice Actors

What is A Voice Actor? 

voice actor

A voice actor is a person whose job is to provide voices to represent a character or to relay information to an audience. As a voice actor, your voice may be used in radio and television commercials, promos, documentaries, websites, video games, movie trailers, and more!

How to Become a Voice Actor

To get started as a voice actor, you first must begin with getting the proper voice-over training. Remember, your voice is an instrument, so you need to focus on how to fine tune it and showcase it to future clients. This process requires practice, time, and research. Practicing in front of others or recording yourself provides you with instant feedback on how your voice sounds and gives you some ideas on what you like about your voice and what may need improvement. Do additional research on voice-over training programs available to you and focus on those that will help you build a career as a professional voice-over artist. Keep in mind that voice actors work on presentation in and out of the studio. You’re not only working on how to better your voice acting techniques, but you’re also learning how to market yourself and run your own business. As a solopreneur, the freedom is yours to create your own path. This means finding the work that aligns with both your capabilities and your interests. It means taking the time to learn all you can about the voice-over industry. It’s all about the little steps that’ll help you reach the end goal of being a successful professional voice-over artist. Consider, what motivates you to pursue this career and when are you going to get started with voice-over training?

How to Start your Voice-Over Career

There are plenty of voice-over opportunities for anyone who’s been told they have a great voice or anyone who wants to learn more about the industry. The perfect starting point begins with our online webinar, which is our version of an introductory voice-over course. In the webinar, voice-over professional Brian Thon teaches you about voice-over techniques and types, the union and how it works, the perks of working in the comfort of your own home recording studio, and the importance of your professional voice-over demo for your future clients. At the end of the class, you will also get the chance to talk to Brian one-on-one over the phone and do a live voice evaluation as well. This is a great way to see your potential as a voice actor and decide what voice-over training classes you want to pursue next with Such A Voice.

What to Do After You’ve Gone Through Training 

Through our voice-over training, you will learn how to navigate the industry, market yourself, and set up your home studio with the proper recording equipment and software. You will also learn how to use your voice to relay important information, represent a character, and record your own demo.

There are many different types of voice-overs including: animation, radio, television, narration, and commercials. After you find what type speaks to you, get into the recording studio and begin the production of your demo. Record it, produce it, then send it to potential clients and wait for the “Yes!” The “Yes!” that could kick-start your career as a professional voice-over actor.

Such A Voice offers lifetime support, so we are here with you every step of the way. We look forward to hearing your voice shine as a voice-over artist! Contact us today!

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