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Steven Wahlberg

VP of Student Experience
Master Class Instructor
new hampshire voice-over classes

Brian Thon

Introductory Class Instructor
Master Class Instructor

Steven has been a working professional voice-over talent for the past 10 years, and received his training through Such A Voice!

Three years into his VO career he began to work with SAV as a full-time coach. That lead to his teaching the introductory classes and from there he went on to become a Live Master Class Instructor.

Today, he continues to be a working VO professional, and has recently become the VP of Client Experience with SAV, tasked with ensuring that every student receives world-class service!

Brian Thon (pronounced “Tone”) is an international voice-over artist and producer whose credits include Amazon, Fox, GE, MetLife, Clarion Inn & Suites, The Tisch School of the Arts, UCLA, Raffies Originals, and many others worldwide. He was a regular guest host on a major market live morning television show, voiced for a champion Premier Basketball League team, and created and hosted a one-of-a-kind radio show.

Thon has narrated independent films and appeared on camera in several shorts as well as written and produced in collaboration with an Emmy Award winning cinematographer and best-selling novelist.


Lisa Foster

Introductory Class Instructor
Master Class Instructor

Wendy Shapero

Introductory Class Instructor
Master Class Instructor

Lisa Foster has over two decades of broadcasting and voice-over experience, and has one of the most versatile voices in the industry.

She has written and voiced live and recorded commercials for dozens of businesses and corporations including Crest Toothpaste, Olay, Café Appassionato, LA Weight Loss, Advanced Laser Clinics, and Sleep Train. Foster has done numerous local and national spots, from website narratives and computer games, to commercials and even comedy bits!

She is a well known on-air radio personality in the Seattle broadcast market, and with her state-of-the-art home recording studio, she is now being heard all over the world! Lisa loves to talk, especially about voice-over!

Lisa is a member of SaVoa, the Society of Accredited Voice Over Artists.

Wendy Shapero is a successful voice artist, actor, dancer, and comedian. Starting out as a young actress/dancer/choreographer in the Detroit scene, Wendy garnered critical acclaim for her performances onstage in “Antigone,” “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum,” and “Godspell,” among others.

After touring internationally with a stage production of Disney’s “Pocahontas,” Wendy decided to move out west to Los Angeles to pursue film-acting. Wendy acted in such indie features as “Free Samples,” with Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), and “Expect Delays.”

Wendy’s voice-over performances have been featured on Cartoon Network, an advertising campaign for FIAT, and the audiobook for the children’s book, “Flora’s Windy Day,” by Jeanne Birdsall. Wendy has since joined the Such A Voice team to travel throughout the western states and conduct introductory seminars on breaking into the professional voice-over industry. You can visit Wendy’s site here: www.wendyshapero.com.

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Bridget Renshaw

Introductory Class Instructor

Will Kamp

Introductory Class Instructor

Bridget Renshaw is a voice-over artist, comedy writer, and comedian. With eight years of experience in the voice-over industry, you’ve heard Bridget’s voice in commercials, animations, voice dubbing, corporate videos, eLearning, and video games. She has voiced many commercials for companies including Samsung, Audible, Transitions Lenses, Scholastic, Simple Skincare, and Classic Mazda.  English translations of Spanish telenovelas and character work on various video games, eLearning projects, and animated videos are also common occurrences in Bridget’s day-to-day voice-over routine.

Bridget loves to teach others and talk to people about following their passions in life, especially voice-over!

Will Kamp is a talented voice-over artist, musician, comedy improv performer, and actor. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Will’s journey has taken him on many exciting routes. He has been an on-air and on-camera talent for nationally recognized radio and TV stations. He has voiced live and recorded commercials for various businesses and corporations. He was nominated “Best Comedic Actor” for the 2015 San Diego Aubrey Awards and he’s also an accomplished singer/songwriter. 

Will has over a decade of experience in the broadcast and voice-over industry and enjoys sharing all that he has learned with aspiring talent.

He currently resides in Chicago and is an avid baseball, basketball, and football fan. In between his voice-over work, acting jobs, and musical endeavors, Will pursues his passion of personal growth and development and loves inspiring others to pursue their personal life goals.


Rich Henkels

Introductory Class Instructor
new jersey voice-over classes

James Seawood

Introductory Class Instructor

An Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist, Rich Henkels brings his honed communications skills to Such A Voice, energized to make a difference in the lives of aspiring voice actors nationwide.

For 35 plus years, Rich’s distinctive sound and enthusiasm has become familiar in TV, radio, web-based, corporate, and industrial voice-over projects, as well as live presentations.

A sportscaster for 15 years, Rich tackled the corporate world for another 20 before returning to the entertainment industry to pursue his passions for story-telling and helping others full-time.

Rich instructs students to exploit their assets, or better put, Be the best YOU possible, breeding confidence and effective auditioning, the first step to success in the voice-over industry.

One of 12 kids, Rich learned the importance of communication early in life and revels in the success he’s seen in his student’s careers!

James Seawood is a New York based voice talent who relishes in bringing messages to life. He excels in leveraging his voice to breathe life and emotion into scripts.

His audio experience dates back to the 90s where he started as a DJ and party promoter. He later transitioned to music production, songwriting, and audio mixing. His efforts earned him a gold plaque and placements with notable artists such as Swizz Beatz, Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz, and others.

In 2011, he discovered his passion for voice-over and started his career as a student with Such A Voice. Since completing training and demo production, his signature sound has been tapped for commercials and narrations for a myriad of brands and organizations including Nike, Army West Point, The City of Charlotte, Cholula Hot Sauce, and MGM Las Vegas Casino.

After gaining years of industry experience, he’s come back full circle and teaches voice-over classes introducing new students to the industry.


Justine Reiss

Introductory Class Instructor
Voice-Over Coach

Guy Arledge

Voice-Over Coach
Master Class Instructor

Justine Reiss is an experienced voice-over talent and casting person with over 18 years experience in the business. She has recently finished spots for Starbucks and Mitsubishi Air and Heat which have both aired nationally.

With a strong background in theatre and a degree from Brandeis University, Justine began her professional career doing regional theatre and Shakespeare, which has given her a great ear for dialects, and strong sense of performance, which aids her career in voice-over.

Additionally, Reiss has operated her own marketing business in LA helping numerous businesses launch and increase their bottom line. Oh, and did we mention that Reiss has also performed stunts such as high falls, fire burns, and leaping over small buildings with Disney and Universal theme parks? No big deal…

She has voiced numerous campaigns for Toshiba, Sonicare, Lexus, CA Oranges, Florida Tourism, Starbucks, and is a recognizable voice for Genie Bra and Cami Shaper. Reiss also has worked in VO casting for 20+ years.

Guy Arledge is a voice-over talent whose experience has given him an unusual perspective: a professional who has worked as an on-camera actor, voice-over talent, as well as a multitude of roles on the other side of the camera and microphone. His broad background allows him to readily relate to what a producer or client wants and to successfully deliver a compelling product.

His introduction to broadcasting came about when a fraternity brother passed along a tip that the local NBC affiliate in Atlanta had an opening for a disc jockey on their FM station. Despite having no broadcasting experience, he outperformed his competitors at the audition, was hired, and was immediately put to work.

After earning a degree, Arledge spent over a decade in public relations and advertising management, producing advertising with some of America’s top talent, including Academy Award and Emmy winning actors. During this time he continued to record radio and industrial voice-over work, and was also hired for on-camera television commercial roles.

Now focusing on talent work, Arledge works with producers across the United States, and from Canada to Japan to Bahrain. His client list includes CIGNA Healthcare, AT&T, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, General Electric, Prudential, Torrence Medical Center, The Hartford, and BNY Mellon, among others.

Chris Headshot Jacket - Christopher Tergliafera

Chris Tergliafera

Voice-Over Coach

Michael Yurchak

Voice-Over Coach

Chris Tergliafera moved out to Los Angeles three days after graduating from the University of North Carolina and immediately found himself on a desk in TV Development at USA Network. After a few years of answering phones and being told daily he should be doing voice-over, he finally listened to everyone and returned to his true passion of performing. Working his way up from industrials and basic narration spots, Chris found himself on the radio for clients such as Jack in the Box, NBC’s “The Voice”, AM/PM, and Oberto Beef Jerky.

Chris is known for his extensive work in anime, video games, and animation. Most notably, he is the powerful fortune-teller Avdol in the fan phenomena series “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders” on Adult Swim. An Anime mainstay, Chris stars as the protagonist’s father, Silva Zoldyck, in Adult Swim’s “Hunter x Hunter”, Geronimo in Netflix’s “Cyborg 009”, the bombastic Tank-Top Tiger in the acclaimed anime, “One-Punch Man”, Taizoo in “Seven Deadly Sins”, Grimms in “Sword Gai”, Yamikaze in “Sword Art Online”, Muraki in “Mob Psycho 100”, and Marcos in “Re:Zero”.

In animation, he is the recurring character, Rasticore, in the hit animated series “Star Vs. the Forces of Evil” on Disney XD. One of his more enjoyable guest star roles was as a Magic Dragon in Disney’s “Pickle and Peanut.”

In video games, he plays the main antagonist, Sigma and Ultron Sigma in “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinity.” Chris has also been featured in other huge franchises such as God of War 4, Grand Theft Auto 5, Halo Wars 2, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Octopath Traveler, Star Wars: Uprising and the cult favorite, DanganRonpa, as Gundham Tanaka and Ryoma Hoshi.

An ADR veteran, Chris has supplied his voice to “Terminator: Genisys” and as the voice double for Vin Diesel in “Fate of the Furious”.

Michael is an award-winning voice artist who has worked extensively in virtually every part of the voice-over industry; tv/radio commercials, promos, trailers, video games, animation, narration, audiobooks, you name it! He has also been teaching and coaching for 15 years and has a wealth of experience as a director and producer as well. With a strong sense of what is happening in the industry at the highest level on a day-to-day basis, Michael shares his understanding and experience with students and has a lot of fun along the way!


Lisa Datz

Voice-Over Coach
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Tia Rider

Voice-Over Coach

Lisa’s voice over career began in 2003 with the William Morris Agency in Los Angeles, and she’s currently a client at Atlas Talent Agency in NY and LA. She has coached throughout her career and is excited to share her acquired knowledge to inspire her students to reach their personal goals and achieve success in the industry !

Her vo work include spots for Mercedes Benz, Hanes, Benjamin Moore, Nutrigrain, Honda, Ragu, Ahold (Super Bowl), Bounty, Sharpie and Pepsi.  She was the live announcer for the VH1 Do Something Awards hosted by Jane Lynch , the PSA spokesperson for “Quit Smoking” and the Dept of Homeland Security campaigns, and received rave reviews for her narration of the YA book, “The Love Curse of the Rumbaughs”.

After graduating from the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance , Lisa went on to make her Broadway debut in the original cast of Titanic, and Off-Broadway debut in the cult favorite, Hedwig and the Angry Inch. She was nominated for a Jeff Award in the critically acclaimed production of Violet in the title role, then returned to Broadway in the original cast of The Full Monty.

Lisa has appeared in numerous films, television shows and stage plays, most recently “Elementary” on CBS, Bones on FOX, Castle on ABC, Spongebob, Time Out of Mind (directed by Oscar nominee Oren Moverman), and as the female lead in the Pulitzer Prize nominated play, Three Days of Rain opposite Silas Weir Mitchell and Sasha Roiz.   She can also be seen as fashion designer Melody Oates opposite Gabrielle Union in the feature film, The Perfect Holiday.

Lisa has taught , directed and conducted master classes at Interlochen School for the Arts , Focus on the Arts, N.Y.U. Graduate Acting Department, CAP 21, Madison Theatre Intensive, AMDA, and Professional School for the Arts and is delighted to be joining the team at Such a Voice!

Tia Rider is a voice actor and writer in the Salt Lake City area. She got her start with Such A Voice in their VIP program and has since completed over 50 audiobooks, several corporate and explainer videos, as well as some commercial and animation work. A few of her favorite jobs include explainer videos for Siemens Technology, playing newscaster Ayesha Taylor in the short web series USAi, starring and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and the audiobook, Rules for Revolutionaries, written by two senior advisers of the Bernie Sanders Presidential campaign about their experiences with grassroots organizing. You can see more of her work at www.tiarider.com.

Tia loves teaching and has done so in several capacities. Her goal is to help her students find their own unique voice and gain confidence to trust their abilities. She believes strongly in focusing more on your strengths and what works for you instead of worrying about what you’re “supposed” to do.

Tia is also a fitness instructor and classically-trained pianist. Her hobbies include singing, people-watching at Starbucks, eating chips and salsa, following Lin-Manuel Miranda on Twitter, and seeing how many times she can watch the TV series Veep all the way through. She aspires to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus when she grows up. Tia has a passion for politics, social justice issues, and organizing resources for LGBTQ+ youth in her area. She lives with her partner, Jake, and their chihuahuas Minnie and Dory, who are definitely not spoiled.


Claudine Ohayon

Vice President of Production

Linda Joy

Voice-Over Coach

As a voice-over and on-camera actor, Claudine’s clients include Verizon, Listerine, MasterCard, Betty Crocker, Disney World, Pillsbury, Kit Kat, JC Penney, Pepsi, Sony Music, Boston Market, and Secret Deodorant, among many others.

She has voiced countless promos for clients such as USA Network, ESPN, VH1, and MTV, and was the live announcer for the first-ever televised Hollywood Film Awards on CBS. She recently appeared in a tutorial for Sonnox plug-ins, highlighting her work on the technical side of life as a voice actor.

Linda Joy is a bilingual voice talent (English/German). British born, she grew up in Austria and Germany. She holds a European Bachelors in Performing Arts from the conservatory Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria.

Linda is the German voice of Baby Miss Piggy in Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies (all episodes as well as her voice in commercials), Wilma (Baby Flintstones), and Joey (Dennis the Menace).

She has voiced Radio Theater for the Bayerischer Rundfunk, recorded an array of English language courses, as well as directed the recording of productions like Bold and Beautiful into German.

She now works out of her own professional studio in Colorado. Her clients include Jaguar, Harley Davidson, Avon, and Amazon. She regularly records commercials, e-learning projects, explainer videos, telephone messaging, compliance training courses, as well as video games.

Linda voiced a small part in Ice Age IV and loves to tell the story of how she practiced and developed the role. “It’s a great example of perseverance and sticking to the strength of your natural personality,” she says.

Linda has coached both kids and adults in voice work. She has taught classes at junior and senior high school levels and guest teaches for an audio class at the local college in her town.

When Linda isn’t in the studio, you will find her playing and inventing stuff with her little granddaughters. They have been known to take electronics apart just to see what’s in there.

You can check out Linda Joy’s website here at www.LindaJoyVoiceOver.com.


Warren Richardson

Voice-Over Coach

Rosemary Chase

Voice-Over Coach

Based in Germany, Warren comes from a background of singing, bass guitar, songwriting, radio DJing, and a six-year stint as rehearsal director for STOMP’s international tour. Warren conducted his professional voice-over training through Such A Voice.

Warren’s voice-over accomplishments include radio intro/tags for a station in Holland, a commercial for Duracell, Elvis impersonations, a priest for a TV series at WDR-5 TV station in Köln, Germany, four audiobooks through ACX, two other audiobooks (“The Infinity Ring: The Trap Door” and “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”), and is currently recording “X: The Novel” for Learning Alley. He’s also voiced a documentary (as the voice of Darius McCollum) for an independent film company in LA, and, most recently, a documentary for the ARTE Channel Germany (A&E or Discovery Channel equivalent).

Warren is elated to be a part of the Such A Voice team as a coach, and looks forward to sharing his upbeat and empowering style with his students.

Rosemary Chase is a NY-based Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) union actor and voice-over artist. She has been featured on numerous television and feature film projects including such hit shows as “Elementary,” “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” and “Saturday Night Live.”

She has voiced projects for GE Capital, Fidelity, a variety of dubbing projects, and a short film (playing an on-air radio personality). She landed her first feature animation film playing a loveable cow, Theodora, in “Pup 2 No Good.” Rosemary’s long list of diverse acting training from local studios around her NYC neighborhood include stand-up comedy at The Comedy Cellar, improv at Upright Citizen’s Brigade, and Meisner training at MN Studio.

To learn more about Rosemary’s journey, visit www.rosemarychase.com.

KelleyHustonHeadshot - Kelley Huston (1)

Kelley Huston

Voice-Over Coach
NCK head shot

Nick Kaiser

Voice-Over Coach

Kelley caught the acting bug at the ripe young age of eight and has been at it ever since. After finishing college with a degree in Theater Arts, she stepped into a vocal booth and felt immediately at home. With over two decades of experience behind her, Kelley brings a sense of approachable confidence and a playful wit to her reads. She is skilled at a range of styles, but is known for her authentic and genuine delivery.

Her commercial & narration clients include Adidas, Subaru, Lean Pockets, Fisher-Price, American Greeting Cards, Target, Aquaphor and Dell Computers to name a few. She also voiced Catwoman in Sony Online Entertainment’s Playstation game, DC Universe Online and has enormous experience as a narrator for eLearning courses.

Kelley also has 10 years of experience as a line producer in the commercial industry, giving her a unique perspective on voice-over within the field of advertising. A few of her production credits include major brands such as Lowe’s, Nike, Purina, Kellogg’s and Anheuser-Busch.

She finds coaching to be incredibly rewarding. Being able to share her enthusiasm and experience with students is a real treat.

Nick Kaiser merges a prodigious musical ear with sound recording skills and over two decades in broadcasting to create a variety of soundscapes in audio communication.

Trained as a Suzuki violinist, Nick encountered a wide range of interesting experiences before embarking on a 25-year career in broadcasting and communications. The call to expand a fledgling network of radio stations on behalf of the New England ski industry brought Nick to Woodstock, Vermont to write, produce, and market ski information for broadcast on 110 stations in nine states along the East Coast. One of those stations later hired Nick to direct their programming, public affairs and staff in the small college town of Middlebury, Vermont.

Two years later, he was on to Burlington’s CBS affiliate WCAX-TV as head writer/producer for advertising and promotion, working with over 60 clients to help create and establish their identity in the northern New England marketplace.

After 13 years and multiple awards for creative excellence, Nick took his audio production skills on the road, working as a freelance sound engineer. Nick then returned to radio, serving as full-function utility player for the programming, news and production departments at the National Public Radio affiliate, Vermont Public Radio, heard in Vermont and portions of adjoining states and provinces. Nick’s voice has been heard as an announcer and on commercials for such clients as Pella Windows, Dakin Farms, American Lung Association, Rossignol Skis, and more!

In his time with SAV, Nick has had the pleasure of meeting and working with over 500 students ranging in age from 16 to 89; from 45 states, several Canadian provinces, and even South Africa!

As of late, Nick is reinvigorating his love for the violin after 45 years and has been studying Irish fiddle music. He brings this same passion to his work for SAV, connecting a commitment to practicing your chosen craft with success in that field.


Bonnie Gilgallon

Voice-Over Coach

Bill Brooks

Voice-Over Coach

A singer and actress since childhood, Bonnie began her professional voice-over career on radio stations in Washington, D.C. nearly 25 years ago. Following a one year stint as a traffic reporter on WMAL and WTOP, Bonnie moved cross country to the Palm Springs, California area. During her 13 years as a news anchor/reporter and entertainment show host on KNWZ radio, she voiced hundreds of commercial spots and narrations. A vocal music major at Towson State College, Bonnie’s training has included introductory and advanced classes with Dan Levine back in D.C., as well as intensive private acting classes and voice instruction. Bonnie has taught acting, singing, voice-over technique, and public speaking both privately and in a classroom setting.

Bill began his career as a voice-over talent at the age of 15. This was back when reel-to-reel tapes were used to play commercials, and 45 rpm records were used for music! Some 50 years later, Bill is a full-time voice talent providing voice-over services to clients all over the world from his studio in Dallas/Ft.Worth, Texas.  

Bill is a successful voice-over coach and demo producer. He also is an adjunct professor at Tarrant County College in Ft. Worth, where he teaches a 48-hour course in voice-overs and audio marketing. 

Bill has been associated with Such A Voice for seven years, and has mentored many SAV clients as they open their business and embark upon becoming a successful voice talent.

mike hanko

Mike Hanko

Voice-Over Coach

Lisa Cordileone

Voice-Over Coach

Mike Hanko is a voice talent and coach from Cleveland, Ohio whose interest in voice-over started at an early age. While earning his BA in Communication, he enjoyed a fun two-year role as a DJ for one of the campus radio stations.

Fast forward to the present, Mike has spent the past three years in the voice industry, narrating and producing 39 audiobooks in that time. A gifted speaker, Mike has built up his presentation and audience engagement skills as a corporate trainer for almost a decade.

In addition to training, Mike has voiced over seventy-five corporate-oriented projects, including relocation videos, instructional programs, simulations, and healthcare presentations.

Mike enjoys teaching and coaching and the satisfaction he gets from seeing those he works with succeeding.

Represented by William Morris Endeavor (voice-over), Lisa has voiced commercials for clients such as eBay, Pinnacle Vodka, and CVS/Hallmark. Her audiobook work includes 50+ titles, and narration with Penguin Random House for Helen Ellis’s New York Times Bestselling book, “American Housewife,” which was included in the Top 10 Audiobooks for 2016 by Book Riot! She has been coaching with SAV for two years, and has been coaching audiobook voice-over independently for four years.


Alan Schwartz

Voice-Over Coach
Megan MacPhee - Johnny Marx

Megan MacPhee

Voice-Over Coach

As an accomplished voice-over actor with nearly 20 years of diverse experience, Alan’s voice has been heard worldwide in TV and radio commercials, promos, documentaries, films, video games, cartoons, radio shows, podcasts, audiobooks, political productions, and industrials. Alan has been coaching students with Such A Voice for six years.

He is an avid runner, enjoys playing piano (poorly, so he says), and likes to slake his thirst with the occasional craft beer.

Megan MacPhee is originally from Maplewood, NJ and now resides in NYC. Her voice-over experience includes national television commercials for Lay’s Poppables and Pamprin, and she is also voicing the recurring role of Emma/Ghost Gal in the animated series, Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. Other VO clients include: eBay, Fisher Price, Smirnoff, Birchbox, Our Health California, Nina Ricci Fragrance, Travel Channel, MeUndies, Fanta, as well as e-Learning for Scholastic, Cengage, and others.

Megan grew up with a passion for theatre, which brought her to Washington DC where she earned her Bachelor of Music in Musical Theatre, a degree which assists her in the auditory demands of a voice-over career. Megan has performed across the country in regional theatre, Off-Broadway, and national tours, including performances at Radio City Music Hall and many seasons as an actor with the Metropolitan Opera. She wrote, produced, and starred in her own web series (un)balanced (www.unbalancedwebseries.com) which won Best Web Series at Katra Film Series.

Megan is also a teaching artist and coach for various performing arts organizations throughout New York and loves guiding and helping others towards finding their passion in the arts. As a coach, she believes in cultivating a positive, collaborative learning environment where her clients can find their true authentic voice and artistic self. She is a proud member of New York Women in Film and Television and Actors Equity Association. You can learn more about her at www.meganmacphee.com.


Jessica Magers

Voice-Over Coach
8x10Touched Up smile1 - Jessi Keenan

Jessi Keenan

Voice-Over Coach

Jessica Magers, aka The Voice Goddess, is a 25-year veteran of the voice-over industry and her warm, engaging, and powerful vocal style keeps her clients happy and her production schedule full. Jess’ voice has been heard on thousands of radio ads all across the US and Canada. She produces broadcast quality audio with a special emphasis on narration.

Jess has voiced radio and TV ads for clients including Disney Resorts, Exempla Healthcare, The Rocky Mountain News, and Volkswagen. She also provides voice-over for The US Army, Exempla Healthcare, CH2M Hill, Coors, Adobe, Playboy, Philips, Time Warner Cable, The Denver Post, The Montreal Gazette, and countless others.

Jessica lives in McCall, Idaho with her husband and two pooches. In her free time, she can be found Airstreaming, traveling, hiking, cooking, belly dancing, and volunteering with the local animal rescue.

Jessi Keenan has been in the entertainment industry for over 25 years, starting at the age of six as a singer. Credits range from  Ed McMahon’s “Star Search” at age 12, to becoming a Disney World singing princess (The Little Mermaid), to singing for Presidential events, and singing the National Anthem at Major League baseball stadiums across the country. All this lead to more gigs working in television and film as an actress, vocal coach and now voice-over instructor. She is currently using her  acting and singing talents in combination. Based in Los Angeles (her home away from Iowa), Jessi is deeply involved with the voice-over industry on a daily basis!


Jan Haley-Soule

Voice-Over Coach

David Tolar

Voice-Over Coach

Jan has an extensive background in the entertainment field as an actor, voice-over artist, model, and dancer. She started acting and dancing in her hometown of Berkeley, CA. While attending an acting school in San Francisco, she found a flyer announcing a voice-over workshop taught by the legendary Lucille Bliss of Hollywood. Lucille helped Jan record her very first demo reel (on an audio cassette) and Jan immediately began booking jobs. She went on to study acting and dance at The Guildford School of Acting in Guildford, England, and upon graduation relocated to Los Angeles.

Over the years Jan has had a recurring role on a soap opera, acted in two Sundance award-winning films, had one film go to Cannes in 2015, and has modeled for many national and international print campaigns. She danced with a Bay Area-based dance team for five years that performed in many parades and theme parks including the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Disneyland, and The Hollywood Holiday Parade. Her voice over work includes numerous national and international commercials, video games, apps, narrations, audio tours, tutorials, and cartoons. She has made announcements for advertisers during events at Madison Square Garden, and she has an annual recurring gig as the announcer of the video game nominees for the Game Developers Conference Awards at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In an effort to give back to her community, Jan has taught voice-over at continuation high schools in the Bay Area and works with autistic teens at Actors For Autism in North Hollywood.

With a performance background spanning more than four decades, David has achieved a diverse career that has taken him from being an on-air talent working in the radio industry, to becoming a professional touring musician and recording artist, and finally to becoming a voice-over artist and engineer. Most recently he’s been with  Such A Voice as a voice-over coach and producer.

Based in the northeastern United States, David has a great capacity for even the most subtle of dialects for all types of voices. His voice is both genial and commanding, gentle and yet powerful.His coaching style is warm, friendly, and fun, and he absolutely loves to help to nurture his students’ talents and capabilities.

David has an impressive corporate client base including McGraw/Hill, Hasbro, W Hotels, and the WNBA. He has also worked with educational, public and private companies, and a host of other clients for many years providing the very best in customer service and quality voice-overs.

unnamed (3)

Adam Michael Rose

Dialect & Accent Reduction Coach
Foto Valeria Oddone 2017 - suchavoice (1)

Valeria Oddone

Spanish Language Coach
Spanish Language Producer

Adam Michael Rose is a Los Angeles-based dialect coach. He was the production dialect coach for Season 3 of ABC’s “American Crime.” Adam has worked with actors from “Game of Thrones,” “Orange Is the New Black,” and “The Americans,” and he’s also coached productions at theater companies, colleges, and schools throughout the country (“Mary Poppins,” “The 39 Steps,” “Noises Off,” “Pride and Prejudice,” and “Guys and Dolls”). Adam’s been a guest artist at state thespian festivals in California, Texas, Georgia, and Nevada, and at the International Thespian Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Adam is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he studied with teachers from the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute and Playwrights Horizons Theater. He has also trained in voice and speech with British American Drama Academy (BADA), Baltimore Shakespeare Festival, and the Theater Lab of Washington, DC.

Adam is always on a quest to make voice and speech work practical, engaging, and FUN for his clients. His goal is for you to be excited about learning new ways to speak–almost as excited as he is.

Valeria’s professional career as voice talent began in 1997 as a radio host in the commercial radio broadcasting circuit in her home country, Uruguay. Soon she started recording commercial and promotional pieces for local advertising agencies and TV channels. In 2011 she started recording for international agencies and media companies. Today her experience is focused on TV, radio and internet commercials, as well as documentaries, different voice characterizations, audiobooks, institutional voice, and welcome and on-hold messages. Apart from that, she is a professor in Public Speaking and Sound Design at Universidad Católica del Uruguay.


Ted Tomlinson

Home Studio Fulfillment
nancy wilson-475 rt A LR

Nancy Wilson

Voice & Audition Mastery Coach

Ted works for Such A Voice helping get home studio kits to our students. He is an integral part of the fulfillment team and keeps the shipping department running. Ted lives near Burlington, Vermont. 

Nancy Wilson is the west coast demo producer, personal coach, and Audition Mastery coach for Such A Voice. She has been a voice actor and on-camera actor (commercials and industrials) for 15 years. She has also been a presence in the L.A. broadcasting scene since high school. Notable stations she’s worked at include ABC Talk Radio, KFWB, News 980, and 10 years as a staff announcer at 94.7 KTWV The Wave.

She won two Silver Medals at the New York Festivals International Radio Competition for “Big Blue Planet,” which she created, wrote and produced. The program was heard on over 400 stations through the country. Presently, she serves on the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) Radio Plays Committee and has been fortunate enough to direct some very talented SAG actors in the old-time radio version of “Gunsmoke,” among many others.  


Angela Castonguay


Allison Moffett

Voice-Over Coach

Angela Castonguay is a successful graduate of the Such A Voice  program with more than 25- years experience in both education and corporate management prior to embracing the voice-over industry. 

Angela’s nurturing personality consistently garners rave reviews from our clients, as well as great results in their recordings. As such, we are honored to have Angela as our Head VO Demo Producer.

Working with a variety of clients in the IT and engineering industries, Angela specializes in recording employee training modules, but also enjoys exploring her multiple personalities when recording commercial spots that include Sylvan Learning Center, San Diego Tourism, Patriotic Puppies, and Finding Lost Melodies. When she is not behind a microphone, coaching, or in production, Angela snags her favorite pen and puts words to paper. Her first book related to the voice-over industry, “Feeding Your Voice,” is an essential guide to voice care, from diet to lifestyle to useful remedies.  Entertaining as well as informative, it’s a concise guide for keeping your vocal instrument healthy.

Allison Moffett is a voice actress and audio producer with over 15 years experience in the industry. Her voice-over credits include Stater Brothers, Match.com, Harley-Davidson, Mercedes-Benz, GameStop, Prudential, Johnson & Johnson, UNICEF, and many others. She has also voiced characters in several Anime series and video games.

Moffett worked as an associate producer on several large audio book projects, including the 2012 Audie award-winning production, The Story. In addition to lending her voice talents to these projects, she functioned as casting director, booth director, project manager, and production engineer.

In 2013, Moffett co-developed a new website for voice talent. VOMO.info has calculators specifically designed to determine pricing for voice-over jobs. Moffett used her knowledge as a voice talent and audio producer and her skills as a mathematician to write the algorithms that the calculators use to convert written scripts to recording and production time.

Moffett is the co-producer and hostess of the podcast, The VO Minute. This podcast provides valuable information for voice talent on all aspects of the craft and the industry.


Dale Epperson

Head of Post-Production

Oliver Gebhardt

Post Production

Dale Epperson has a long history in the audio industry as a musician, engineer, producer, electronics technician, designer, manufacturer, and proprietor.

As a musician, he has contributed to many albums and projects playing guitar, bass, keyboards, trumpet, flute, accordion, percussion, and vocals. As an engineer and producer, he has worked with bands and artists from New York to Los Angeles, Toronto to Miami, and all points in between. As co-owner of the Green Room Studios in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, he engineered and produced dozens of local, regional, and national groups and artists, including Jeffrey Gaines, Fuel, Cold, Brother Cain, Marcy Playground, Sonny Landreth, Webb Wilder, and Jimmie’s Chicken Shack.

As a technician, designer, and owner of Old School Audio, he has worked for many renowned artists and studios, including Les Paul, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, Andy Johns, Glyn Johns, Tragically Hip, Cinderella, Rob Schnapf, Daniel Lanois, Willis Allen Ramsey, Lyle Lovett, the Blue Man Group, Shelley Yakus, and Blind Melon, among others. He has provided gear, consulting services, and complete console rebuilds to some of the top studios in New York, LA, Nashville, Phoenix, Atlanta, and even Seoul, South Korea.

Dale has worked for such diverse companies as Sperry-Univac, Martin Marietta, Northwestern Bell Dial Centers, and the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Oliver Gebhardt is a studio owner and professional audio engineer that has over 15 years of experience in the audio industry. He has worked on major label projects as well as with local national and international artists. Oliver has worked with Such A Voice since 2009 and has helped upcoming talent break into the voice-over industry.

Spear-PIC 1

Craig Spear

Vice President of Coaching

Immanuel Gebhardt


Craig Spear is an award-winning writer and producer with over 30-years experience in the advertising, radio, and television industries. His broadcast career began in college radio where he created Kaleidoquiz, still currently the largest and longest running campus-wide radio trivia contest.  

As talk show producer for ABC, he produced two of America’s top ten nationally syndicated radio shows, including “The Dr. Dean Edell Show.”. “The Golden Gate Bridge Story,” a radio documentary produced for KGO in San Francisco, was named “Best Documentary” by the National Associated Press.  

Drawing on audio, writing, and production skills, Craig established himself as a leading voice-over coach and Demo producer to nationally recognized VO actors and entertainment professionals. His clients have voiced hundreds of national campaigns for scores of Fortune 500 companies, from ABC to CNN, Microsoft to McDonald’s, Western Electric to Walmart, and General Electric to Garrison Keillor’s “Prairie Home Companion.”  

Craig reads, writes, bikes, swims, and enjoys all things vocal.  

Immanuel is a young producer, engineer, and post production team member, born and raised in Burlington Vermont.


Kathy Welsh

Cody Stephenson

Cody Stephenson


Kathy Welsh has more than 20 years of experience in capturing tremendous performances and improving the technical capacities of the venues where she has worked. She broke into the industry by working in live performance venues as both talent and technician. After a romance with live stage acting that took her to stages from Pennsylvania to California, she decided to focus on formal training in audio engineering and related technologies. This breadth of experience enables her to see the big picture and to be empathetic to all those involved in the creative process, knowing first-hand what it takes to make an excellent product.

She became the lead engineer at Green Room Recording Studios while continuing to learn more as an audio technician. Kathy was on the team that wired Lauryn Hill’s recording studio, and she personally wired the patch bay at Cape Sound.  World class boutique audio component company Old School Audio, then tapped her skills for the development of a new line of pre-amps.

If you have heard Fuel’s “Daniel” or Marcy Playground’s unplugged version of their biggest hit, “Sex and Candy”, you have heard a sampling of this pioneer’s work. Now, as she guides her children through their own arts journey as classical ballet dancers, you can be sure that Kathy will bring her passion for excellence and her attention to detail to your voice-over experience.

Cody Stephenson is a Certified Audio Engineer with more than 10 years experience in various audio fields. Cody earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Production from Northern Michigan University and continued his audio education at The Conservatory of Recordings Arts & Sciences, earning over 15 certifications. Cody has worked for Brilliance Audio, a subsidiary of Amazon, as an audiobook post production engineer, as well as an assistant engineer at one of Las Vegas’ biggest studios, The Hideout Recording Studio. During his time at The Hideout Recording Studio, he worked with a handful of well-known artists, such as Olivia Newton John, Ceelo Green, and Chris Brown. Cody is now dedicated to Such A Voice and continues to work hard to create unique and meaningful demos for our clients.


Brendan Carty

unnamed (1)

Ben Marney

Home Studio Support Specialist

Brendan Carty is the head writer and creative lead at Thinkmojo, a marketing agency. He has spearheaded campaigns for hundreds of startups and multinational brands including eBay, Slack, Anheuser Busch, HP, Western Union, Intuit, and more. His comedic work has been featured on CBS Interactive, ESPN, Funny or Die, and YouTube, though he admits that last one doesn’t really count.

At times dramatic, silly, serious, lighthearted, authentic, and absurd, Brendan’s work has been compared to copywriters he had never heard of and whose names he has forgotten since. But from what he could tell, they were good.

Brendan lives with his wife and daughter in the greater New York City area.

Ben Marney literally grew up in a recording studio, and learned how to record his voice at the highest quality from an early age. His early exposure to the studio environment carried into an impressive career as a professional singer and musician, during which time he toured across the globe while performing aboard most major cruise lines such as Disney Cruise Line, Royal Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, to name a few.

In 2008, Ben graduated from Such A Voice’s Master Class, and has since been able to develop an extensive client list while providing voice-over for literally hundreds of radio and television commercials, as well as political spots and numerous corporate videos. For the last four years, Ben has been the narrator for three television shows: “Hillbilly Blood” (Discovery Channel and Destination America Channel), “Travelin’ Hunter” (Sportsman Channel), and “Guidefitter TV” (Sportsman Channel).

Voice-over was a natural transition for Ben. As a singer, he understood how to use the pitch and range of his voice to create emotion in his reads. He shared his passion for voice-over from 2010-2012 as a coach for Such A Voice, and has returned to provide support to our students as they learn to use and produce quality home-studio recordings.

IMG_0673 (1)

Joleene Derks

Marketing & Career Advisory Coach

Joleene Derks is a voice actor, on-camera talent, and voice-over marketing and career advisory coach.

Joleene has been telling stories for decades. As a teacher and a workshop presenter, Joleene uses her passion for storytelling and the power of words to capture her audience, hold their attention, and take them on a journey to other places and times. She uses that same passion to bring her client’s words to life and help their business project a more professional image. With her experience in teaching, Joleene is an expert with educational terminology, and primarily voices corporate training, e-learning, tutorials, explainer videos, documentaries, and commercials.

As a marketing and career advisory coach, Joleene has shared her passion for the voice-over business with hundreds of aspiring voice talent across the nation. Joleene can help you determine a strategic marketing plan, hold you accountable for hitting your goals, and be just the support you need!

Joleene also enjoys doing on-camera work in movies and local and national commercials.

Meet The Administrative & Customer Service Team!


Dan Levine


Heather Costa

Chief Fulfillment & Content Officer

Dan Levine, Founder and President of Such A Voice, has earned the respect of the industry and has helped launch the careers of countless successful voice-over actors throughout the United States.r

Dan is a 1992 Tony Award nominee for the score of the Broadway musical “Anna Karenina.” He has won many awards for his commercial productions as well, including a national Clio Award and several local advertising ADDY Awards and nominations. As a successful record producer and music arranger/orchestrator, his arranging and production credits include CDs for singers such as Leslie Uggams, several original cast recordings, and numerous television shows and commercials. For 17 years, Dan produced commercials for hundreds of clients around the country.

Dan’s voice-over seminars, entitled “You’re On the Air,” have motivated countless future voice-over artists. He continues to deliver these seminars to packed houses throughout the country. Dan’s unique marketing technique has opened doors for talented individuals who might never have made it using conventional marketing methods. His philosophy of being who you are and turning your natural personality into a marketable commodity is giving new talented voice-over artists the opportunity to find their inner strengths and to use them in a fun, lucrative, and productive way.

Heather is the Chief Fulfillment & Content Officer for Such A Voice. An alumni of the program herself, Heather studied under Dan Levine when she began her voice-over career in 2004. Over the years, Heather has coached and produced hundreds of Such A Voice students around the country. Today, her own voice-over roster includes thousands of clients from around the globe. She operates from her broadcast quality recording studio in Los Angeles.

Heather has vast experience recording everything from radio and television commercials to promos, animation, video games, audiobooks, children’s toys, explainer videos, on-hold messages, documentaries, e-learning, apps, website narrations, and much more! Some of her recent clients include McDonalds, Lowe’s, Subway, Pandora Radio, Nordstrom, Coca-Cola, Today’s Parent, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and Nationwide.

Heather is also a Voxy Lady, a hand-picked member of their “selective collective of professional female voice artists representing every genre, sound, and niche in the industry”. See www.voxyladies.com.

To take a peek at some of Heather’s work, visit her website, www.heathercosta.com.


Ben Werlin

Chief Executive Officer
unnamed (2)

Raymond Friend

Customer Service Manager

Ben Werlin joined Such A Voice as the company’s sole employee back in 2003. Today, he is a partner in the company alongside Dan Levine and Jeff Santoro. During his 10+ years here, he has helped raise the bar in terms of customer service, customer experience, and company reach. When Ben started with Such A Voice, it was a regional endeavor in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. In just a few years, along with the help of Jeff and Dan, Ben helped the company grow nationwide.

As an entrepreneur by nature, Ben takes great pride in the work that he does with Such A Voice. He deeply values the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur and loves being able to give that kind of opportunity to others through Such A Voice’s esteemed voice-over training programs.

Ben graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Music Business & Entertainment Industries. He has worked in the studio as a recording engineer and as a guitarist. Ben is also the co-founder of the online guitar shop, www.MusicStoreLive.com, which won the “Vermont Young Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 2013 and received national accolades for “Best Emerging Dealer of the Year” and “Best Marketing & Sales Promotion” in 2014.

Ben has a huge thirst to learn and grow. Over the years, he has read hundreds of books on, and taken part in, a wide array of workshops related to business and self-development. These include the Small Business Association’s “Emerging Leaders Program,” and Tony Robbins’ Business Mastery and Leadership Academy programs, to name a few. Ben attributes Such A Voice’s ability to stay on the cutting edge of the industry to the incredibly talented personnel that work here, and his and the team’s constant desire keep the company evolving in positive ways.

Ray Friend, affectionately dubbed “The Smoothenator” has been told all his life that he has a great voice. The kind of smooth, romantic and charismatic sound that people notice and are drawn to. Ray started developing that natural voice as a child lead soloist in school plays, choirs and gospel groups. Later he continued to refine his silky, melodious style and while touring the country singing professionally with several popular groups.

Ray first became interested in doing voice overs when he was asked by his Pastor to narrate the introductions for the ministry’s first television program. It was a great experience and sparked the desire to pursue voice over professionally, but Ray’s real estate career took precedence. Several years ago Ray was selected to narrate monthly broadcasts to the employees of the nationally recognized real estate firm he worked for and was reminded again that he really should be putting this naturally gifted talent to work. A short time later he studied with Such A Voice in our one-on-one coaching program. This has enabled Ray to truly hone his natural sound and transform into a working professional voice over actor capable of interpreting a script and delivering the style necessary to “nail the read”.

Ray now works full time as a voice actor and is available to record: Radio and TV spots and tags, audiobooks, PSAs, documentaries, Technical/Medical Narrations, IVR and On-Hold Messages and much more. Additionally he has joined the Such A Voice staff serving as Customer Service Specialist.


Alex Goss

Chief Administrative Officer

Gilbert Thrall


As Chief Administrative Officer for SAV, Alex keeps his hands in every element of the business to ensure that things are consistently moving forward. He ensures that our students receive what they need in order to achieve their dreams.

Alex graduated from Green Mountain College in 2013 with dual degrees in Education and Writing. He worked in home healthcare administration for a period of time, but realized that he needed to return to the arts, and joined Such A Voice soon after.

Outside of work, Alex enjoys spending time with his family and writing.

As the billing administrator here at Such A Voice, Gilbert makes sure that every ‘I’ is dotted, and every ‘T’ is crossed on the financial side of things. A Minneapolis native, Gilbert came to Burlington, Vermont to go to school and has stayed here since graduating from Champlain College. He is the owner of many nicknames around the office, most notably ‘Gilly’ and ‘Bert’.

In his free time, Gilbert loves to play video games, ride his bike, and cook.


Roth Bernstein

Administrative Support
lauren (1)

Lauren Mazzoleni

Marketing Associate

As Administrative Support, Roth works to make sure all the parts of the Such A Voice boat are pointing toward the port of good customer experience.  The means making sure coaches have all the resources they need, student support for the website and member’s area, and a plethora of other problem-solving tasks. He also built this page!

Originally from New Jersey, Roth graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016 with a degree in Political Science.  In his free time, Roth loves to play around in the kitchen, enjoys running and cycling, and is a podcast enthusiast. 

Lauren, a newcomer to the SAV team, brings with her a background in Digital Arts and Media Studies from St. Michael’s College. She has always felt this magnetic pull to the marketing field because it encompasses so many wonderful things: social media, community outreach, design, and website management. As the Marketing Associate for SAV, she works hard behind-the-screens by managing the blog and website and building marketing campaigns for the company. Lauren is excited to bring her passion for marketing to the team!

unnamed (4)

Skye Moffett

Director of Human Resources
Travel Coordinator

pasted image 0

Mike Gleockner

Client Services Representative

A well-traveled military veteran with a deep-seated love for people, Skye is an ideal fit for the Human Resources and Travel Coordinator roles at Such A Voice. She spends her days ensuring our traveling teachers are well taken care of.

In her role as Director of Human Resources, she is constantly thinking of ways to move the company forward via TLC for its members and efficiency in development.

You may also see her on our social media platforms, feel free to say hello!

Originally from rural Pennsylvania, Mike graduated with a degree in business administration from Mansfield University. Mike will be helping with technical and administrative support for coaches and students, as well as helping to keep our intro class teacher organized.

Mike’s other passions include snowboarding, but when you can’t find him on the mountain, look for him at the nearest yoyo contest!

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