About Such A Voice


With over 35 years of experience in voice-over training and demo production, we at Such A Voice have helped thousands of aspiring voice-over artists successfully launch and develop their careers in the voice-over industry.

We are always working diligently to maintain a firm grasp on the latest industry trends, technologies, and social media tools to continually improve our programs and services. We understand that the success of our clients depends not only on the training that we provide, but also by maintaining the highest standards for the demos that we produce.

We challenge our clients to take their voice to the next level and produce a demo that will make an immediate impact on the industry. Our rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects our company-wide dedication to our talent.

Furthermore, we are selective in who we work with. All Such A Voice clients are pre-screened for their potential via our voice evaluation process. We make sure that the clients we work with have the natural ability they need to succeed in the industry.

Last but not least, we care deeply about our clients’ success as voice-over artists. This is why all of our programs offer lifetime support. We encourage our clients to take advantage of this rarely offered and extremely valuable resource!

To Your Success!
~The Such A Voice Team

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