How To Get Into Voice Acting

What is Voice Acting?

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Voice-over is professional voice acting. A voice-over is whenever you hear a voice and you don’t see the person talking. It’s so much more than just reading a script though, it’s being an actor. Voice-overs can be heard on radio and television commercials, movie trailers, audiobooks, animated shows, websites, documentaries, promos, video games, children’s toys, live television announcing and more!

How to Get into Voice Acting

It takes more than just a great voice to become a successful voice talent. You need to not only read well, but have the ability to act. You have to connect with the script so that you sound like you’re speaking the words, not just reading them. Having some natural comedic timing is helpful as well. In addition to mastering the voice acting techniques, you also need to learn how to run a business. As a voice talent, you are a solopreneur. A great first step to getting started in voice-over is practicing reading aloud and getting used to the sound of your own voice! When you’re reading, make sure you’re telling a story with the words. You want to sound present and engaged with the script and your listener.

Commercial Voice-Overs

When most people think of voice-over they tend to think of commercials (and animation- but we’ll discuss that in a moment). Commercials can be heard on the radio, television and online. Anytime a voice is advertising something, selling vs informing, it’s a commercial. They are typically 15, 30 or 60 seconds.. If it’s longer than that, it’s more of an infomercial. Commercials can be very lucrative, but they only make up about 20% of the voice-over industry.



Narration Voice-Overs

A narration is when someone is informing. There are many types of narration voice-overs from documentaries, to corporate training videos, e-Learning modules, websites and many more. Narrations can vary in length from a few minutes to a few hours. There is a great deal of narration work to be had, and although it may take longer to record, it can be a steadier stream of income. You become the voice of a company’s internal training videos, any time they have an update, you’re the one they call!



Animation is definitely a fun part of the voice-over industry. It can be in the form of cartoons, video games, films, animated characters on apps, you name it! This is where you can really let loose and enjoy the characters that you create. Often times animated characters are a person’s “real” voice, but typically when you are cast for an animation voice-over, you are hired for at least three roles at a time. So to really succeed in animation, you want to work on perfecting multiple characters in your repertoire.



Promos are video clips advertising a show that’s coming up. The promo read is very different from anything else. Voice-over today is all about being natural and conversational. However, most of the time with promo they still want a type of read that’s a harder sell.. It depends on the network and the type of show the promo is for.


They used to be called books on tape, but with the advances in technology, tapes are pretty obsolete! So now they’re called audiobooks. There is a huge market for this type of voice-over work. With more and more people spending time commuting, or just constantly connected to their devices, audiobooks are very popular. If you have a great narrating voice, natural acting ability, can play around with your voice to be different characters and overall love reading books, then this niche is for you! When you’re a voice-over talent reading an audiobook, you’re called a narrator. That’s exactly what it is. You are narrating a story.

What Do I Need To Get Into Voice-Over?

As was mentioned earlier, voice-over is so much more than just having a great voice. You can have a quirky voice, one that is super unique and fun, and as long as you can act and read well, then it doesn’t have to be a “great” sound. Voice-over is voice acting.

How We Can Help

Looking to take the next steps in your voice-over career? We can help! Through our voice-over school and online webinars, you can get in on the ground floor with new high-tech companies that have not yet locked in with other voice-over actors! Let Such A Voice guide you through the correct steps to make voice-overs a reality!

To find out more about voice acting information and how to get into voice acting, schedule a free evaluation and get started today!



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