Political Voice-Over

We believe in accessible education, affordable housing, and a retirement plan that’ll make sure you and your loved ones are taken care of for the rest of your lives.”

Do you think you could be the voice reading this ad campaign? Read on to learn more about political voice-over! 

political voice-overWhat is a political voice-over?

It’s part of a politician’s job to create buzz and fervor, but sometimes they need male and female voice actors to help them with their campaigns. That’s where a political voice-over comes in. Political voice-overs are advertisements for political campaigns on TV, the radio, the internet, and any promotional work that requires an authoritative voice to persuade their target audience. Many politicians owe their campaign success to professional political voice actors.    

How to get started in political voice-over

Training your voice to find the right tone, pitch, and pacing when you first start recording political voice-overs is key. Authority, persuasion, and conviction are important qualities in the production of a political voice-over. With Such A Voice, you’ll learn how to convey a message in a compelling and convincing way. We’ll help you train your voice to speak with authenticity, candor, and validity. If you’re curious about voice acting and want to know more, check out our webinar, You’re on the Air, How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs!  But remember, even after pursuing voice-over training, your learning never ends. You improve in this business by constantly practicing, studying your craft, enrolling in classes and workshops, and always striving to be better. Training your voice is a lifelong endeavor. Such A Voice is here for you every step of the way to fine tune your voice-over career. Remember you should only be a political voice for one political party. It’s important that you ask what party the spot is for and choose only one side!

How to find professional work as a political voice-over actor

Political voice-overs are most commonly used around election season, but the process of preparing begins sooner and production continues through the election season and sometimes beyond it. It’s important to have a political demo to send to potential clients and a list of campaigns that you’ve worked with in the past (if you have one). It’s becoming rare these days to actually audition in person, most likely you’ll audition from your home studio and email the prospective client an MP3. Clients can be from national, local, and state political party headquarters, campaign managers, or political analyst companies. Sometimes a candidate will contact you directly as well, although this isn’t as common. You can also contact political action committees (PAC).

What to do after you’ve gone through political voice-over training 

Now it’s time to find work! Through Such A Voice’s voice-over classes, you will learn how to navigate the industry, market yourself, and set up your home studio with the proper recording equipment and software to record your demo and subsequently, the political voice-over gigs that you’ll be hired for. Even if you’ve got recording and production down and you feel like a pro, remember that there’s always room for growth and improvement so never stop taking workshops and classes, networking, and trying to better your craft.

At Such A Voice, we offer you expertise from successful and professional voice-over actors. We provide lifetime support, so we are here with you every step of the way. Don’t forget to sign up for our webinar,  You’re on the Air, How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs, so you can learn more about voice acting! We can’t wait to see you thrive in your political voice-over career.

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