Commercial Voice-Over

commercial voice-over

Have you ever been told you have a voice that could sell anything?

Do people compliment you on having a persuasive and pleasant voice?

Are you looking for a new opportunity in an interesting field?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you may have what it takes to succeed in the world of professional voice-over for commercials. With commercial voice-over training from Such A Voice, you can take the opportunity to turn your natural talent into an exciting and lucrative career.

Professional commercial voice-over actors are needed more than ever with all of the various media platforms that exist today. As a commercial voice-over actor, your voice could be heard on TV, radio or online. Such A Voice can help you break into this high-profile and in-demand industry with training and education. Our focus is not only on honing your voice and acting abilities, but also helping you learn how to market yourself and your talent in today’s industry landscape. Our qualified and experienced instructors will provide you with all of the guidance and training you need to become a professional voice-over actor and begin a satisfying new career.

Breaking into the Commercial Voice-Over Business

There are a number of ways you can break into the business.  We recommend marketing yourself to smaller markets where less voice talent will be competing for the jobs.  Contact production companies, marketing agencies, and individual companies, and offer to do your first job complimentary to get your foot in the door and show these folks how you can positively impact their marketing campaigns., Additionally, there are many online casting sites on the internet where clients and talent agencies post opportunities to audition for specific commercial voice-over jobs. Thanks to the internet, most voice-over auditions are submitted online, and Such A Voice can help show you how to work with a producer to create a voice-over demo that will sound professional and showcase your abilities.

Having a voice-over demo that can impress casting directors with professionalism and talent is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in the industry. In major markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, some agencies or casting directors may ask talent to come into a studio to record.

Take the Next Step With Such A Voice

The state of the modern voice-over acting market and technology means it’s easy for virtually anyone anywhere to parlay his or her natural voice and acting talent into a rewarding and exciting profession. If you’re looking to explore your opportunities to get into commercial voice-overs and beyond, you’ve come to the right place.  We invite you to attend Such A Voice’s introductory webinar, “You’re On the Air…How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs.” Click HERE to get registered today.

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