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Our introductory voice over classes and webinars are

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At Such A Voice, you will find a highly skilled team of leaders to guide you to voice-over success. In our introductory voice over classes, we introduce you to the broad strokes of the voice-over world. Then we offer a comprehensive step by step coaching program to develop the vocal skills and marketing skills you will need to reach your voice-over goals.

We guide both beginners and established working voice-over artists.  Our offerings include the introductory voice-over classes, in-depth technique coaching, professional demo production, mentoring, and a step by step marketing plan. Our instructors are top working professionals in the industry, and our students become top working professionals as a result!

Whether you are brand new to voice-overs or looking to improve on your current success as a practicing talent, contact us today to learn how Such A Voice can help you to achieve your dreams as a working talent!

You can email  us at classinfo@suchavoice.com for details on attending our introductory voice over classes in various cities around the United States.


We also offer online webinars for those who want to learn without the inconvenience of leaving home.

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Course Description:

“You’re on the Air: How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs!” is one of our 2-hour interactive voice over classes available through an online webinar or through one of the many adult learning centers and community colleges we work with. This introductory voice over class is designed to introduce interested students to the profession, allow them to ask questions, check out industry standard recording equipment, and even get to step up to the microphone and record a practice voice-over!

In this class, our professional vocal coaches and producers discuss how professionals work, basic voice-over technique what clients want to hear, and where new trends are headed. Our goal is to help you to see if the voice-over industry is right for you.

Again, we offer this class online several times per month for your convenience!   Click here to register. 


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Such A Voice Producer/Coach Brian Thon

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