Working Wednesday: Organizing Your Voice-Over Goals And To-Do Lists


We all know success is better achieved with set goals. However, it can be difficult to figure out the process that works perfectly for you. Organizing my voice-over goals and making to-do lists are just a few of the things that I do to keep myself on track with my voice-over career.

Here’s my process:

Do a Brain Dump

We carry a lot around in our brain. If you try to organize your voice-over goals entirely using your memory, you’re just asking to feel overwhelmed. Write down every single thing you have to do. Include the tiny stuff like buy eggs and the big stuff like sign with a voice-over agent. Break each of these down into manageable tasks. Buying eggs is pretty simple and includes little prep work. Signing with a voice-over agent is going to require a bunch of prior action items.

voice-over goalsOrganize Your Lists

Separate your tasks into different days. Make categories like Today, Tomorrow, This Week, This Month, This Year, etc. I recommend keeping these lists on your phone using an app like Wunderlist. That way, your list is in your pocket at all times. Organize your Brain Dump items into these categories. Every day you’ll check your lists and move items around accordingly. If you think of any new tasks, just plug them into the appropriate list. This method is expanded on in one of my favorite books, Push by Chalene Johnson.

Must-Dos vs Want-Tos

There are always going to be things we have to do to reach success that aren’t fun. It’s just the reality. These are called the Must-Dos. Must-Dos are like business finances or collecting leads. Want-Tos are the things that still need to get done, but are much more enjoyable, like recording a new commercial for a client or working on a monologue for an acting class. Condense the Must-Do tasks into a couple of hours during your day. Stay focused, put your phone on airplane mode, and get to work. This will get those less desirable tasks out of the way quickly so you can work on the stuff you really want to.


Here are a few personal book recommendations to help you achieve your goals:

Push by Chalene Johnson

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron



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