Working Wednesday: How To Stay Social as a Self-Employed Voice Actor

voice actorBefore jumping into my voice-over career full-time, I worked as an Academic Recruiter for a large university. I would give presentations almost everyday to huge groups of high school students about the college admissions process. I was constantly surrounded by people and collaborating with my co-workers. Then, all of a sudden, it was just me and my microphone. While I loved my work as a voice actor, it was incredibly isolating, and I found myself feeling lonely and a little depressed. I quickly realized I had to make an effort to stay social and connected to the world outside my studio.

Here are a few things you can do to fight that isolation:


Work outside of your house whenever you can. When you need to reach out to clients, prep manuscripts, or do anything that doesn’t require your studio, go to a coffee shop, library, or park. I have a regular coffee shop that I go to a few times a week. The employees have gotten to know me, so it’s like having a group of co-workers that give me delicious beverages.

voice actorUse social media to connect with other voice actors. Search for Facebook groups. Find your tribe on Instagram or Twitter. If you’re a Such A Voice student or alum, make friends in the VO Pro Membership group. It’s nice to be in-touch with people who understand what you’re going through and can cheer you on.

You don’t want to talk about voice-over day in and day out. So, schedule time with your friends to meet up for coffee or lunch at least once a week. You need that quality human interaction.

Take acting or improv classes to improve your voice-over skills. This is an exciting, challenging, and smart way to meet other like-minded people and keep your social and creative cup full. Google local theater groups or acting teachers and sign up!


Whether you find your footing in social media, professional development, networking, or your local coffee shop, just make sure you’re keeping your spirits high. A happy voice actor is an engaging one. After all, your business needs its CEO, star talent, and sales person on their A-game.


And we always appreciate hearing about how we’ve helped you get on your A-game. Share your positive experiences about Such A Voice and engage with other voice talents! 



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