Working Wednesday: Setting Up With A Sound Engineer

sound engineerI hear a lot from people outside of Los Angeles talk about how much they aspire to work in a studio, especially on an animation project. Although our trip to Peach Music to record
Shaboom is located in downtown L.A. and is much smaller than Warner Bros., the basic information and process of setting up with a sound engineer applies across the board.

Quick tip: try to arrive early so that there is plenty of time for parking, greetings, and setup before the session official starts.

In this Working Wednesday segment, Eric Breimer, the sound engineer and owner of Peach Music, goes through the sound setup with me. He explains how things are connected and how they will work for this recording session. It is important to ask questions when you have them. The sound engineer, like Eric, will usually be more than happy to explain things to you. It is in his/her best interest to make the talent sound good and the client happy. Eric shows me where to position myself to get the best sound out of the particular microphone we are using and gives me performance guidelines for when we are actually recording.

As you can see, it takes time to get set up. As voice actors, we need to respect the time involved in getting things just right. Sometimes I feel impatient and maybe you will too. My suggestion is to stay alert and keep yourself busy while you are waiting. Once things are up and running, you are going to need all that pent up energy to do your job and then you’ll remember why you were there in the first place!

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