Working Wednesday: What is an Accountability Partner?


This first week, I will focus on what an accountability partner is. Next week, I will talk about what qualities to look for in an accountability partner and where the best places to find them are. For the final segment, I’ll discuss tips on how to maximize efficiency and get results while working with your accountability partner.

accountability partnerWhat is an accountability partner?

An accountability partner is a business partner who keeps us accountable to our career goals and aspirations. They help us stay committed and focused on the promise of success. In a blog article on, an accountability partner is described as, “an unpaid consultant, someone you agree to work with to provide mutually beneficial support. In its simplest terms, it’s like having a business consultant who you don’t pay. Instead you trade for each others consulting services. You make it your goal to help each other to succeed.”

When we say our intentions out loud to another person or write them down, the stakes are raised significantly. For example, if I announce on Facebook that I am going to run a marathon in the Spring, I’ve now got an entire group of people that could potentially ask me about how that marathon went. In this situation, the simple act of proclaiming that dream out loud puts me in a position of accountability. It works the same way with accountability partners. However, since it’s a structured relationship, based on the foundation of helping each other achieve goals, the stakes are higher and the results are better. We proclaim our goals and our partners hold us accountable in reaching them, helping us navigate any roadblocks and challenges that stand in our way.  

Now that you know what an accountability partner is, join me next week to learn more about what qualities to look for in an accountability partner and where the best places are to find them.


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