Working Wednesday: Relax and Visualize to Enhance Your Voice-Over Performance

From time to time, a script comes across our desk that is particularly tricky to perform. Even if we’ve already auditioned for the spot and have booked it, we may find ourselves in a position where we have to recreate the delivery of this tricky script with a room full of creatives and account people listening in. That can feel like a lot of pressure, even for seasoned professionals. Heading into a session with a nervous mind and a stiff body will only hurt your voice-over performance. In order to deliver the exceptional read that the client is expecting, we must find ways of relaxing and building our confidence before the session even begins. Your voice-over performance is often the result of what’s happening in our heads. So, let’s talk about how we can flip the switch, and make what’s happening in our heads positive and affirming.  

voice-over performance

First, let’s remind ourselves that:

Each one of us is special and unique. Just by allowing ourselves to relax, we are at an advantage, because doing so allows a little bit of our unique self to shine through in our delivery.

We were booked for good reason. The client considered us perfect for the role, based on our demo, a recommendation, or the stellar voice-over performance we gave in the audition. We can relax now because we’ve already done the work.

Visualization is also a great tool to get our head in “the right place,” before a session. Athletes use this technique and have reported great results. Shouldn’t it work well for performers, too?  

Before a session, try closing your eyes and take several steady deep breaths. While you are in this state of physical relaxation, allow yourself to visualize the details of the session, step by step.


The beginning of the session – You are given a positive and engaging introduction to the people representing the client and/or agency. Perhaps, even visualize them praising your audition or demo.

During your session – See yourself delivering a knockout performance of the script, that feels incredibly connected and “in the zone.” Essentially, you nail it on the first read. Then, imagine the client’s positive reaction. Perhaps they could say, “That was absolutely perfect. Now that we have what we need, feel free to read it a few more times, and bring any ideas you have to the table.”

Ending of your session – Hear their praise on a job well done and how excited they were to work with you. Imagine that everyone is very pleased with you and also with themselves for being smart enough to cast you in this role.  


It may be uncomfortable at first to visualize a voice-over performance this way. However, with practice, it will begin to feel routine and the results can be pretty remarkable. Give it a try and let me know how it goes in the comment area below!  


                                                       About the Author

organize your goals kelley hustonKelley Huston caught the acting bug at the ripe young age of 8 and has been at it ever since. After finishing college with a degree in Theater Arts, she stepped into a vocal booth and felt immediately at home. With over two decades of experience behind her, Kelley brings a sense of approachable confidence and a playful wit to her reads. She is skilled at a range of styles, but is known for her authentic and genuine delivery. Her commercial & narration clients include Adidas, Suburu, Lean Pockets, Fisher-Price, American Greeting Cards, Target, Aquafor and Dell Computers to name a few. She also voiced Catwoman in Sony Online Entertainment’s Playstation game, DC Universe Online and has enormous experience as a narrator for eLearning courses. Kelley also has 10 years of experience as a line producer in the commercial industry, giving her a unique perspective on voiceover within the field of advertising. A few of her production credits include major brands such as Lowe’s, Nike, Purina, Kellogg’s and Anheuser-Busch. She finds coaching to be incredibly rewarding. Being able to share her enthusiasm and experience with students is a real treat.



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