Tricks and Treats for your Clients and Teams!

With All Hallows’ Eve just a week or so away, the Halloween spirit is in full force! So for this spooky season Working Wednesday I wanted to share some fun marketing and networking tools to add to the seasonal arsenal.

Often we work with the same teams: in casting, our agents, and sometimes even the recording staff. Break the usual monotony of the workweek and add in some of these Tricks & Treats that’ll make your teams and clients smile bigger than a Jack-O-Lantern!


First, the tricks!

Disclaimer: I recommend using this with great discretion. There’s a difference between adding a little mirth and going full agent of chaos…


Record a voice message in your favorite Halloween-inspired voice and include it in an email to those on your mailing list.

Seasonal Slate: if the project you are auditioning for is in the spirit, I would encourage you to add your name and a little “Happy Halloween!” It’s a great way to add a little personality to your reads.

Booth-friendly Costumes: as recording sessions get closer to Halloween, it might be a great time to start breaking out some fun themed clothing and headwear (just keep in mind not to wear anything that will actually affect your reads, so hold off on the fake-fangs — sorry Dracula!)

A little thoughtfulness goes a looooooong way, so don’t hesitate to take a little extra time in thinking of something fun to share with your clients, agency teams and fellow actors during this season. 


Who doesn’t love TREATS

Candy! That’s right, for $5 at your local pharmacy you can plan a simple candy pass out to engineers or your agency team. It’s a simple way to brighten up the day!

Create an e-card or even handmade card to send to clients and agents

Collaborate: this is the season you might be able to reach out to clients and offer to “gift” a fun Halloween themed recording or seasonally-flavored update for things such as IVR or social media. 

Don’t believe me that collaboration can help you get into the spirit? Well check the video below for a case study— this collaboration with a client I work with, Deathwish Coffee, resulted in this fun video.

Remember this season leads us into a full-fledged Halloween season, and in our industry, we get to bring a lot of joy to our audiences…which is why I believe it is so important to add a little extra magic and joy behind the scenes as well.

So speaking of magic, let me end this Halloween blog with some Treats and Tricks…If you made it this far, I’m offering a FREE Deathwish Gift Pack to one lucky SAV reader who emails me the answer to this riddle: Who is YOUR favorite Halloween character (monster, slasher, friendly ghost) and why? Email me ( your submissions by the end of the day on 10/26.

You may even hear me mention your answer in the next SAV Teleseminar…




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