Working Wednesday: Book First, Snack Later!

It’s beginning to sound a lot like…mouth noise?

Oh curse you, holiday temptations!

From delicious Turkey Day leftovers to homemade treats designed to sweeten the season, what could this mean for your recording sessions around the holidays? 

Let’s talk turkey!…and other foods you’ll want to enjoy during this season of celebration and how you should try to time your eating.



Carbonated Water

I find that if I’m struggling with mouth noise after a meal, a simple swig of carbonated water or seltzer does the trick.

Do NOT eat the dried corn from the cornucopia – that is strictly ornamental.

Green Apples

Yup, call me superstitious, but a green apple works wonders for me! Especially a chewy food that helps loosen the jaw muscles, tongue, and lips!


Candy canes, candy ribbons, and I would even say you MIGHT be able to get away with a little dark chocolate peppermint bark. Peppermint candy is a great treat to indulge in as it enables your mouth to water and helps keep your articulators ready to go.


Save for LATER:

Dry Snacks and Entrees
Yes, a nice slice of turkey on white bread is a Black Friday tradition, but those dry foods can really make your mouth a battleground for clicks and throat clearing. If you are going to enjoy a big leftover sammie and record, make sure to wash it down with a big glass of water!

Sweets, Alcoholic Drinks and Hot Cocoa

This is the time of the year we indulge, and that’s excellent, but try your best to enjoy snacks that may dry out your mouth and possibly dehydrate you before you record.

Anything that causes YOU heartburnThis is where you’re going to have to be honest with yourself, but in my experience eating after a certain time in the evening will cause me to have acid reflux at night and a softer-croaky voice in the morning. To thy own self be true!


Hopefully with just a few little mindfulness about snack timing, you can keep your seasons and VO reads clear and bright!



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