Working Wednesday: Nothing to Do

These days, you may find yourself getting a little more stuck than usual. A lot of companies have slowed down production, funding has dwindled, and creative projects have been put on hold. Building a creative career comes with ups and downs, busy times and slow – it’s to be expected. First, we can’t let this natural ebb and flow freak us out or lessen our hustle and drive. 

Unfortunately, bills keep on coming. So, when you’re in a rut, what do you do?

Now may be a good time to tackle that list you’ve had pinned up!

PLAN AHEAD – “Some Day Tasks”

I find it a good practice to keep a running list of “some day tasks” I can turn to when I find myself with extra down time. I create it when I’m busy and a thought pops into my head. Something small like “revamp website”, “spruce up marketing copy”, or a big ambitious project like “create a copywriting course”. So, when you are between projects, sending out audition after audition and hearing nothing back, you can use some of that downtime to tackle these Some Day Tasks


As actors, it’s our job to audition. This is true whether we’re onstage, on camera, or behind the VO mic. Our job is to nail the audition and treat it like a final performance, not to worry whether or not we’ll be booked. So, in times of drought, focus on those auditions y’all. Make a concrete goal to send out X amount of auditions each day. 

Once you’ve reached your daily goal, up the ante and send out 5 more. If you haven’t auditioned in a while and need to brush up those skills start here or here, Such a Voice has got you covered! 

Create Good Karma – Connect with Community and Check in with Clients

Our online voice-over community is AMAZING, incredibly encouraging, and always ready to connect and help. Find a voice-over artist you admire on social media and compliment their work. (Genuinely compliment them, don’t just say something you don’t mean to tick a box.) 

Then, take some time to check in with previous clients. You might share past work and tag your clients if they’re on social media. Send a message to thank them for their partnership and see if they’ve got anything on the horizon. 

When you’re stuck (and we all are at some point), remember it’s a NORMAL PART OF YOUR CREATIVE CAREER. Consider it a blessing in disguise and be grateful for a little time to breathe and slow down. Add a 20-minute walk to your daily routine after lunch and find some new flowers blooming in your neighborhood.

And after your walk, buckle down for a couple hours: check off a “some day task”, submit your auditions for the day, check in with an old client, or reach out to make a new connection!



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