What Else Are You Up To?

Our world is…busy, to say the least. 

Finding balance between everything in your life is key.

With a global pandemic still changing our daily patterns of living and worldwide protests fighting for justice, it’s easy to become exhausted or worse, apathetic. Our job as artists is to create and listen, staying aware of world events of course, but not letting ourselves get swept away by them unhealthily. In times like these, when you want to help and have meaningful conversations with those around you, it can feel like doing anything else is a disservice to the topic at hand. 

Yet, also as artists, we must take care of ourselves if we do wish to create meaningful work in the world. And as business owners we must take care of our clients, produce professional work in a timely manner, and make our own self-care a priority.

This balance can feel impossible at times. I get it. I’ve been there. I AM there currently. But you’ve heard me preach the gospel of hobbies and creative living before and I’m here to preach it again. Because this working Wednesday we’re not actually talking about work. We’re taking a wider lens into the artists’ life. Besides work, what else are you up to? 

Well-rounded artists are well-rounded people. Besides fighting the good fight, loving my friends well, and having lots of meaningful conversations, I’m making it a priority to take care of myself these days (and all days). Remember that working well isn’t all about work. It’s about what supports you outside work to create a healthy work-life balance and ultimately the quality of the work you produce. 

So…what else are you up to?



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