Working Wednesday: Same Day, Different Voices

Hello and happy Wednesday folks! Welcome to another Working Wednesday segment where we’ll explore several of the different voices you’ll need to cultivate in order to find flexibility and versatility in your voice-over business. We’re stepping into my booth today and reviewing several different voices I’ve been using for recent projects. We’re taking an in-depth look at five different “normal” voices I’m using for some longform and short form contracts this week.

  1. Young Adult Novel – Playing a character that can sustain an entire book without being too over the top
  2. Political Memoir – A lot of energy and hand gestures in the booth (without bumping into the mic!)
  3. Inspirational “How To” – Creating that “coach” character by lowering my register a bit and speaking directly to one individual on the other side of the air waves.
  4. Meditation – Slowing it way down and using calming tones. I channel all my yoga therapist training and even slow my breathing for this type of work.
  5. Donation Call to Action – Asking something specific from your audience requires confidence and a clear tone. 

It’s typical for us as voice over actors to focus on “character voices” when we speak about versatility and range of talent, but most voice over work requires a much more “normal” tone. So, finding range in your normal voice and adjusting it for many different types of projects (and auditions) will help your voice over business expand as well. 

Happy recording!



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