Working Wednesday – Anxiety and the Voice: Tongue and Jaw

Today we’re looking at the ways anxiety can embed itself in our muscles and ultimately affect vocal performance if not addressed. 2020 was no walk in the park, and if you experience more anxiety than normal, this Working Wednesday reveals a few simple exercises that can ease your worries and keep your performance behind the mic as stellar as ever. Watch the video to learn more about the following: 

  • Horse Face – a breathing technique to release muscles in the mouth.
  • Jaw Release – two exercises to release muscles in the jaw for easier enunciation and character work.
  • Tongue Work – An easy stretch and quick massage to relax the tongue and get it back to articulating those scripts at full capacity. 

Caroline Turner Cole is a certified yoga therapist who doesn’t let her own anxiety keep her from stellar performances as a VO artist. If you struggle with this particularly and are interested in an individual yoga therapy session, see her calendar to book today!



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