4 Ways to Fight Mouth Noise!

Spring is almost here! And the voice over artists who suffer from seasonal allergies know what that means – mouth noise. Ew, gross. If you’re looking for easy tricks to help minimize mouth noise this allergy season, today’s Working Wednesday is for you. We’ll explore four simple ways to fight mouth noise that any voice over actor with any recording space can use.

If you’re not sure what mouth noise is, watch the video above so you can keep an ear open for it in future recordings. Eliminating mouth noise helps you sound more professional and turns out a much cleaner final product. Your clients will appreciate it!

Caroline Turner Cole is a voice over artist, writer, and yogi who suffers from SPRING ALLERGIES. Ugh. Find her on Instagram and Twitter where she promises not to talk about her allergies all the time, because that would be weird. 😉  



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