chicago voice-over classesSuch A Voice offers introductory voice-over classes all around the country. Whether this is something you’d like to pursue as a hobby or as a full-time job, it’s worth checking out our introductory classes to see if this could be the next thing you pursue. Currently, we do not have any introductory Chicago voice-over classes, but we do have some good news! You can learn more about voice-over from us from home by checking out our shockingly simple idea.

Such A Voice provides online voice-over training, demo production, and marketing and home studio support to aspiring voice talents. Since our training program is almost entirely virtual, we’re able to work with you from any location at any time. Our online voice-over training program consists of meeting weekly with your assigned voice-over coach via Skype, reading and analyzing scripts, and recording your voice-over demo with our demo production team. Our script writers are focused on getting to know you, that way they’re able to write a script catered to your voice.

Along with our online voice-over training program, we also have a special online learning opportunity for you that you can access from any computer or mobile device. Our shockingly simple secret lets you in on how to market yourself and get noticed by clients and agencies. And who better to learn this from than voice-over professional Brian Thon?

Such A Voice coach, Brian Thon, was once where you could be soon. He went through our training program and since graduating, he has built a career as an international voice artist and has formed his own multimedia company, True Tone Studios, LLC. Through all of his experiences, he has gained insight about all of the ins and outs of the voice-over industry and is always ready to share voice-over information with current and prospective Such A Voice students.

So, what is this shockingly simple secret that Brian has? Well, it’s a secret, so of course we can’t tell you it, but okay… we will give you some details. You can expect to get a five-minute video from Brian and a downloadable PDF with more information about how to get started with your voice-over career.

Excited to learn more? We hope you are!

See what our shockingly simple secret is all about from the comfort of your home, and if you’d like to know more about where we teach currently in the state of Illinois, please reach out to

We’ll update this page once we start to get introductory Chicago voice-over classes. Stay tuned!   

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