hartford voice-over classesYou’re in luck! We offer Hartford voice-over classes. To learn more about where and when we teach our introductory Hartford voice-over classes, please reach out to classes@suchavoice.com.  

What will I learn?

If you register for our introductory Hartford voice-over classes, then you’ve made the right choice! This is a prime learning opportunity. The voice-over industry has expanded over the past couple of years, thanks to technology. It’s the industry to be in!

You’ll learn:

  • Voice-Over Techniques: Your instructor, Rich Henkels, will go over voice-over techniques that’ll help you succeed in this industry.
  • The Many Types of Voice-Over: Nowadays, there are opportunities for voice-over everywhere! Think about the voices in television commercials or in video games. There is so much to explore in this industry and we’ll introduce you to the two most common types of voice-over: commercial and narration.
  • The Union: Through the grapevine, you may have heard about the union. Many ask, “Is this something to join?” Rich will talk about how it works to be a part of the union as a working voice actor.
  • How to get the work: You’re most likely wondering how to get the work. Don’t worry, we weren’t going to leave out that major detail! Rich will explain how to best market yourself and your voice so you can get noticed by voice-over clients and agencies.
  • The Home Studio: Get to know what equipment you’ll need to build your own home studio. That’s right, many voice actors nowadays create their own home studios so they’re able to work from the comfort of their own home!
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: You’ll learn how important it is to have a professionally recorded demo. Your demo is an audio file that showcases your voice to clients and agencies.

Who teaches the Hartford voice-over classes?

For 35 plus years, Rich Henkels’ distinctive sound and enthusiasm has become familiar in TV, radio, web-based, corporate, and industrial voice-over projects as well as live presentations. As an Emmy Award winner, Rich knows the industry from both sides of the camera and microphone and now uses his extensive experience and passion to teach and inspire both aspiring and experienced voice actors alike.






Can’t attend our Hartford voice-over classes? We DO offer some online options, one of which is our shockingly simple idea. Learn how we can help you start your voice-over career today! 

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