Maine Voice-Over Classes

maine voice-over classesNow is the time to follow your passion. If you live in Maine and if your passion is voice-overs, well you’re in luck! Such A Voice offers introductory Maine voice-over classes.

In our introductory class, your instructor, Bridget Renshaw, a VO pro herself with 8 years experience in the industry, will provide you with a great foundation of how to break into the voice-over industry. Learn about voice-over types and techniques and find your way behind the mic as you practice script reading and learn more about voice-over equipment.

This class is fun and informative, giving you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a professional voice actor.

Feeling inspired? Ready to go? Don’t be shy. Sign up for one of our introductory Maine voice-over classes!

When and where are the classes?

We offer our introductory Maine voice-over classes at the following locations:

Saturday, October 13th: University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME, 9:30am-11:30am
Saturday, November 3rd: Portland Adult Education, Portland, ME, Time TBA
Monday, November 5th: York Adult and Community Education, York, ME, Time TBA

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: A quick tip: Use your body as well as your voice when reading off a script. Bridget will talk about how important it is to perfect your pace and pitch and to smile, even if no one can see you!
  • Types of Voice-Over: It’s so exciting that there are so many different types of voice-overs. It just means that there’s a lot that you can do within the voice-over industry. Listen in as Bridget discusses commercial and narration job opportunities.
  • The Union: In the voice acting world, voice actors are able to choose whether or not they would like to join the union. Bridget will provide some insight into what the union is like and what the income potential would be.
  • How to get the work: To start booking gigs, you first have to implement a marketing strategy. How will your clients hear about your skills? Social media? Website? Bridget will discuss how and where you should market yourself as a professional voice actor.
  • The Home Studio: Today, many voice actors work from the comfort of their own home studio. All that’s needed is the necessary equipment, in which Bridget will go more in depth about.
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: Your demo is your way of showing clients and agencies what you’re made of. Showcase your talents in your demo and get the work you’ve been dreaming of! Bridget will talk more about how to get noticed by clients and agencies by having a high quality sounding demo.

Who teaches our Maine voice-over classes?

With eight years of experience in the industry, Bridget Renshaw’s voice can be heard in commercials, animations, voice dubbing, corporate videos, eLearning, and video games. She has voiced numerous commercials including Samsung, Audible, Transitions Lenses, Scholastic, Simple Skincare, Classic Mazda, and more. Bridget is also known for her Spanish Telenovela English translations and character work on various video games, eLearning projects, and animated videos. Bridget loves to talk to people about following their passions in life, especially voice-over!

Unable to make our Maine voice-over classes? No need to worry, we have some great online options, one of which is our shockingly simple idea to finding success in the voice-over industry!



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