florida voice-over classesFlorida brings sunshine and a chance for you to shine in voice-over! We currently offer introductory Florida voice-over classes LIVE in person. Now is your time to explore the exciting, fun world of voice-overs! Your instructor, Justine Reiss, has thrived in the industry for more than 20 years as a voice talent and casting director. To be one of the best, learn from the best! 

When are the classes happening next?

Please reach out to classes@suchavoice.com with any specific class inquiries.

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: Justine will emphasize how important it is to pace yourself when reading your scripts and find your pitch..
  • Types of Voice-Over: Justine will concentrate specifically on commercial and narration. Keep in mind that there are so many different types for you to explore as a voice-over artist!
  • The Union: Become familiar with how the union operates. Justine will provide some insight into if the union is something you should join.
  • How to get the work: So, you’re learning how to voice-over, which means you have to learn how to get the work. After all, marketing is what helps get you noticed!
  • The Home Studio: Nowadays, the majority of voice actors acquire their own home studio equipment and set up their studio right in their home! This has completely revolutionized the industry, giving voice actors today to work from home. That’s right – avoid traffic, hang in your sweats, and record!
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: A poorly recorded demo can be spotted a mile away and potential clients will shy away from this. Justine will provide useful tips on how to master the all-important demo.

Who teaches our Florida voice-over classes?

You’ve heard Justine Reiss’s voice in numerous commercials: Starbucks, Toshiba, Walgreens, and Mitsubishi. She has worked as a voice-over casting director for more than 20 years! She found her way into VO after success on stage and film, and as a Disney stunt performer. She enjoys helping others bring their voice to life and inspiring people to pursue their passions in voice-over. Join Justine for a fun-filled and informative evening!






Can’t make it to our Florida voice-over classes? Check out our online options and we’ll let you in on our must knows of voice-over!

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