georgia voice-over classesThere’s more to Georgia than its peaches and pecans – there is Such A Voice’s introductory voice-over classes! If you’ve ever wondered if you might have what it takes to be a voice-over actor, wonder no more. We offer introductory Georgia voice-over classes and we can’t wait for you to sign up!

Our introductory voice-over class is informative, entertaining, and interactive, giving you the chance to have some fun and learn more about the exciting voice-over industry.

In the class, you’ll learn how you could begin using your voice for commercials, narrations, video games, audiobooks and that’s only naming a few! Discover how the voice-over industry offers flexibility, with the opportunity to work from home on your own terms while creating your own hours. Now is your moment to explore the myriad possibilities in the voice-over industry!

Where are the Georgia voice-over classes?

We offer our introductory Georgia voice-over classes at the following locations:

Atlanta Technical College, Savannah Technical College, Marietta Community School, and Alpharetta Arts Center.

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: Learn from your instructor, Bridget Renshaw, about voice-over techniques. Having a great voice is one thing, but knowing some key techniques that professional voice actors implement is crucial in the industry.
  • The Many Types of Voice-Over: Most voice actors have a niche, a type of voice-over that they specialize in. You may have an awesome voice for video games or maybe your strong suit is voicing commercials. Perhaps you want to read for eLearning. There are countless niches in VO. Learn more about the many different types of voice-overs and see which one speaks out to you.
  • The Union: You may have heard about the union and thought, “Is this something I should join?” Bridget will go over how it works and what the income potential looks like as a union talent.
  • How to get the work: By now, you’re probably thinking how you’ll begin to find work. A lot of it comes down to having excellent marketing skills. Bridget will be sure to explain how to best market yourself as a voice-over artist so you can get noticed by clients and agencies!
  • The Home Studio: Understand the necessary equipment you need to invest in in order to build your own home studio. That’s right, many voice actors nowadays build their recording studios in their own homes so they don’t even have to leave the house for work!
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: You’ll learn how important it is to have a professionally recorded demo. Your demo is your opportunity to show clients and agencies what you can do with your voice. It’s an extremely important piece demonstrating how talented you are and a lot of job opportunities will depend solely on this.

Who teaches the Georgia voice-over classes?

With eight years of experience in the industry, Bridget Renshaw’s voice can be heard in commercials, animations, voice dubbing, corporate videos, eLearning, and video games. She has voiced numerous commercials including Samsung, Audible, Transitions Lenses, Scholastic, Simple Skincare, Classic Mazda, and more. Bridget is also known for her Spanish Telenovela English translations and character work on various video games, eLearning projects, and animated videos.





Can’t attend any of our Georgia voice-over classes? No need to worry, we offer other online options to help you get started in the voice-over industry. Be sure to check out our shockingly simple idea to be successful in the voice-over industry!


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