Virginia beach voice-over classesThere’s more to Virginia Beach than its beautiful coastal scenery. Our introductory voice-over classes are there, too! We offer our introductory Virginia Beach voice-over classes year-round, so there are plenty of chances to attend the class.

Our introductory class is perfect for newcomers to the voice-over industry. Your instructor, Will Kamp, will show you into the world of voice-over by explaining all the possibilities available in the voice-over industry.

Now is your time to shine! Check out when our next introductory Virginia Beach voice-over classes are.

When are the classes happening next?

Please reach out to with any specific class inquiries.

What will I learn?

  • Voice-Over Techniques: Having a great voice is one thing, but knowing some key techniques that professional voice actors incorporate in their everyday job is crucial in the industry. Have no fear, Will is here to teach you these techniques!
  • The Many Types of Voice-Over: Maybe you’ve been told your voice should be on the radio or perhaps, you have this strong desire to voice audiobooks. Throughout your voice acting pursuit, you’ll explore many different types of voice-over and find what kind of work your voice is best suited for. Learn more about the many different types of voice-over and see which one speaks out to you.
  • The Union: You may have heard about the union and thought, “Is this something I have to join?” You’ll get to hear more from Will about how the union works.
  • How to get the work: You’re probably wondering, “How do I get the work?” A lot of it comes down to how you put yourself out there to voice-over clients and agencies. Market yourself well and be confident in your skills!
  • The Home Studio: Get to know more about what you’ll need in your home studio. A lot of voice actors nowadays set up their recording studio equipment at home, which means a short work commute for you!
  • The All-Important Voice-Over Demos: Your demo is your way of showcasing your voice to clients and agencies. Will has some great tips for you about how to make your demo stand out!

Who teaches the Virginia Beach voice-over classes?

Will Kamp combines his skills as a comedy improv performer, actor, musician, and voice-over artist to deliver a class that you won’t forget. Born and raised in San Diego, CA, Will’s journey has taken him on many exciting routes. He has been an on-air and on-camera talent for nationally recognized radio and TV stations. He has voiced live and recorded commercials for various businesses and corporations. He was nominated “Best Comedic Actor” for the 2015 San Diego Aubrey Awards, and he’s also an accomplished singer/songwriter. Will has over a decade of experience in the broadcast and voice-over industry and enjoys sharing all that he has learned with others.





Can’t any of our for Virginia Beach voice-over classes? No need to worry, we offer other online options to help you get started in the voice-over industry. Be sure to check out our must knows of voice-over resource guide!


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