Talent Spotlight: Sue McElvogue

Sue with light background (2)Here at Such A Voice, we don’t just prepare students for their demos. We get them ready for their career in voice overs. And in many ways, their success is our success. That’s why we want to share the success stories of some of our recent students.

This week, we’re catching up with Sue McElvogue. Sue finished her Such A Voice training last year and has already started booking regular clients – and even winning awards. Here’s what she had to say.


SAV: What inspired you to get into voice overs?

Sue: I’d say it was my background in Theater Arts. I enjoy acting and this field works with my schedule.

SAV: Who was your instructor at Such A Voice and what made them a good fit for you?

Sue: My instructor was Bill Sleeper and then Alan Schwartz. Bill made me aware to not get into “announcer mode” and how to accent and not accent certain words. Alan gave me constructive criticism on my auditions. They were both good fits for me. I appreciate their honest opinions of my work.

SAV: What was the biggest challenge you faced during your VO training and how did you overcome it?

Sue: My biggest challenge was being impatient. I wanted to start right away with auditions while I was going through the class. I overcame it when my instructor started to give me advice on the scripts I was reading. I realized how important his advice on my readings was to me delivering better readings.

SAV: What do you see as your VO strengths and how do you use that in your work?

Sue: I have a natural pleasing sounding voice. I try to just be natural and not “act” but rather just talk.

SAV: How did you get your first VO job?

Sue: My first VO job was for a park district. I volunteered my time for doing a voice over for their video. I have since moved on to paying jobs.

SAV: What other VO jobs have you booked since joining our program?

Sue: I have booked several voice overs for that park district as well as for a senior citizen center. I also was a cash prize winner at the Ventura County Fair in their Oral History Category. I recently did a local commercial for a health ad for a local studio in Washington, D.C.

SAV: What have you learned about the industry since leaving the program?

Sue: I’ve learned that the industry is very convenient if you have your own home studio. But I also realize that the whole world is now competing with me for auditions. I really have to be right on when I do my auditions.

SAV: What did you take away from Such A Voice that has been most beneficial to your career so far?

Sue: What I took away from Such A Voice is that I feel I am more prepared to compete with the tools that I learned from my coaching. I have more understanding of auditioning and using my home studio.

SAV: What advice would you give to aspiring voice talent?

Sue: The advice that I would give is to study with Such A Voice. They provide online classes, tutoring, and help for a long period of time. I still look at their tutoring programs.

SAV: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Sue: I am so happy doing voice overs! It’s fun, challenging and very interesting. And I want to say thank you to Such A Voice for a great foundation from which I can launch my career.

For more info on Sue, check out her website at soundsofsue.com




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