Staff Spotlight: Jessi Keenan

Jessi Keenan has been a coach with Such A Voice since 2018, and is a fan favorite among our students and alumni. Hear about how she got into voice-over, what advice she has for aspiring artists, and what she thinks of certain tropical travel destinations in the interview below!


Talk about how you got into voice-over initially?

As an actress and singer since the age of eight, I never had known the voice-over business as its own industry, which it totally is. When I started studying at the Don LaFontaine SAG Foundation Voiceover Lab, I learned the biz from the ground up and met some of my mentors who I now call friends. Being prepared when I took a workshop from Vanessa Gilbert, was a match made in heaven. She is my agent to this day at RSA Talent here in Los Angeles.


What are your favorite types of voice-over jobs?

Anything that pushes boundaries; I also love the process of developing an original character with a director in-studio. That, and when I get to play a 90 year old. I can’t wait to be 90!


What is the most memorable role you’ve done?

I played the rapping Easter Bunny plush toy for Hallmark in 2019. My mom found one at Wal-Mart in Iowa. I got paid to rap. It. Was. Awesome. 


What would be a dream VO project for you to work on?

Doing multiple characters for Warner Brothers in an animated series!


What has been your favorite part of coaching at Such A Voice? Tell us a bit about your style.

I love the challenge of each student, and seeing them discover their imagination and how it applies to each script. I like to apply knowledge of my personal experiences in the studio and the eclectic jobs I have done throughout my career. I would describe my coaching style as “edutainment”. We have a lot of fun learning the curriculum and other tricks of the VO world today.


What advice do you have for students going through our program right now?

Keep your foot on the pedal with patience. Ask a lot of questions. 


Where has been your favourite place you’ve ever travelled? Where do you most want to go that you haven’t been?

I leave for Cancun in the morning…and I was last there 25 years ago. I’ll let you know if it’s still my favorite place!


What song is stuck in your head right now?

We Are the World – Lionel Richie & Michael Jackson


Anything you’d like to add, or projects you’d like to plug?

Sure! Check out the new animated series I’m in! I play Pearl the Mermaid who also narrates, along with a few other characters. Enjoy!

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