How to Get Voice Work: Define Your Brand As A Voice-Over Artist

get voice workWe all know how important branding is for big companies like Nike, Snickers, and McDonald’s, but it’s hard to imagine that voice-over actors need branding just as much as those big companies. A brand is what sets you apart from your competitors – it’s a reason for potential clients to work with you! A strong personal brand can also help you get voice work. Because of the competitive nature of the voice-over industry, it’s important to be clear on your brand when marketing yourself as a voice-over artist. Branding yourself though, can be difficult.


I highly recommend purchasing the book, Voiceover Achiever: Brand Your VO career. Change Your life. It’s written by Celia Siegel, my brand manager and voice-over branding genius. Here’s what Celia says about the book,I want them (voice-over actors) to know how to create a brand they fall-to-the-floor adore. One that is magnetic to their ideal clients. So if you want to make 2018 the beginning of your best year yet — I wrote this book for you. If you know you need to nail down your personal brand but aren’t sure how — I wrote this book for you. If you want to show up in the world—powerfully — I wrote this book for you. If you want to create a brand that can change your life — I wrote this book for you. In Voiceover Achiever, I’ve shared the steps (and secrets!) my team and I use to build career-catapulting brands for our clients. And now they’re yours. Ready to make your brand unstoppable? This book makes it easy and fun.”


Your brand will be incorporated into your logo, so you’ll have all that you need to visually represent what your voice sounds like and who you are as a person. Once you’ve decided on your brand, you have to make sure it shows up everywhere so that when potential clients see you, they associate you with your brand. That means everywhere you could possibly communicate with someone, your brand should be there too. Be able to recite your brand without hesitation, we are voice actors after all! Having your brand and logo on flyers or business cards is a great way to get your name out there to clients and to get voice work.


Lastly, make sure that your brand is on all of your social media pages. Canva is a free, easy to use graphic design tool website that can help you design your brand and logo for your social media pages.


get voice workHere’s how to get started with Canva:

  1. Go to and create your free account.
  2. Click on Create a Design – you can choose a Facebook Cover, YouTube Channel Art, LinkedIn Banner, Twitter header, or email header.
  3. Upload your logo, your brand color, and a headshot (whatever is part of your brand).
  4. Pick a design and start playing with it to make it look just like you want it to.
  5. Stay consistent throughout each design. Consistency equals visual frequency. Frequency brings awareness to your brand and ultimately, you!


By the way, I learned about from Personal Brand Strategist, Jonathan Tilley. I also recommend finding him and following his Facebook group called “Creative Circle hosted by Jonathan Tilley.” Jonathan has a wealth of spectacular marketing and business information and generously gives ideas and tips to move your business forward.


You are your brand to those who haven’t met you. Make it a wonderful representation of who you are and what you sound like. Show that you have what it takes to get voice work. Once potential clients see your branding, make sure they see it over and over again. When a client hires you, reinforce your brand with any electronic or printed material you have sent out – whether it’s a thank you note or whether you’re following up with them to send them your latest demo. The more a person sees your brand, the more recognized you become and the more likely they’ll be to “buy your product,” which is your voice. Branding is universal. It is important to big companies like Nike, Snickers, and McDonald’s, and it is important to a voice-over actor, too.


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