Voice-Over Talent Spotlight: Paulette Jackson

This month’s Talent Spotlight is Paulette Jackson. Paulette enrolled in our VIP program in 2011 and since then, she has been booking voice-over gigs in what she calls her real niche – radio. Let’s learn more about what first inspired Paulette to dive into the exciting world of voice-overs and what her future plans are.

Hi Paulette! Thanks for joining us today. We’re happy to catch up with you and hear more about what you’ve been up to since graduating. What inspired you to get into voice-overs?

Jackson: After high school, my friends told me that I should look into voice-overs because of my voice (singing is my background). It wasn’t until years later that another friend encouraged me to do research about the voice-over business. This friend was the one who told me about the Such A Voice class coming to my city. The rest, as they say, is history.


SAV: How would you describe your voice?

Jackson: My voice is deep, sultry, and mellow.


SAV: What was your favorite part of the SAV training program?  

Jackson: My favorite thing about the voice-over training was, of course, being able to travel to Vermont for the master class. Also, the opportunity to meet other people from all over. Katherine was very patient and gave great direction. She was a wonderful coach. I also loved working in the studio recording my demo.


SAV: What was the most beneficial piece of advice you learned during your voice-over training that you still incorporate in your work today?

Jackson: The best advice I received during my SAV training was to find my niche, explore all aspects of the voice-over business, and to not limit myself. Also, the most important thing I learned was to market myself and network, which I still do today.


SAV: Did your coaches at SAV help you overcome any specific obstacles?

Jackson: Yes, my nervousness. They helped me feel more confident in my voice-over abilities.


SAV: What was your first voice-over project?

Jackson: Wow, well, my first job was months after completing my master class in Vermont. I did  an explainer video for a phone app.


SAV: What other voice-over projects have you done? Which one was your favorite to do?

Jackson: It’s interesting, I’ve had quite a few since graduating, including voicing taglines for a business that my friend was a part of! Since getting into radio, most of my jobs have been radio drops, promos, and sweepers. I enjoy doing voice-over for radio. I believe that’s my real niche!


SAV: There are many aspects of being a voice-over artist. Tell us more about what it was like to create your own business, Ms. Music’s Voice.

Jackson: It was scary and amazing all at the same time! To see my business name registered and my website created was a wonderful feeling! But, even more wonderful than that, is having people from all over reaching out to me because of the website and my samples! Blessed.


SAV: What advice would you give to someone who is just beginning to build their voice-over business?

Jackson: Patience and endurance is key (which I built over time). Practice, practice, and practice some more! Also, network in person and via social media.


SAV: What kind of jobs are you hoping to get in the future?

Jackson: I’m really hoping to do more commercials and MC/co-hosting more live events!


It’s always great to hear what our program graduates are up to!
We’re fortunate to work with so many talented students. All of the feedback you provide is greatly appreciated by us. Be sure to check us out next week as we catch up with one of our live class instructors, Bridget Renshaw, and we hear from our Home Studio Advisory Coach, Ben Marney, about the home studio essentials. 



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