Motivational Quotes About Finding Success in Voice-Overs

motivational quotesEach and every week, our staff members are more than happy to share their voice-over knowledge and experiences with all of you. This week, our staff members are sharing some motivational quotes to get you jazzed about following your true passions.

Michael Yurchak, Voice-Over Coach
“You be you—not ‘you’ as you think ‘they’ want you to be—just YOU! You are enough.”

Angela Castonguay, Head Voice-Over Demo Producer
“So many of us spend our time worrying about failing. Worrying doesn’t solve anything; it just intensifies anxiety. So instead of letting the fear of failure keep us from reaching for our dreams, we need to turn that energy into positive action. And remember,
a failure is not the end of all things. In the voice-over industry, failure and rejection are just part of the overall experience.
Use your experiences as a foundation for future successes. Always keep growing, personally and professionally.”

Nancy Wilson, Demo Producer
“Before you voice a piece, ask yourself, “What do I bring to this that nobody else does?”

Heather Costa, Chief Fulfillment & Content Officer
“Make sure you stop and celebrate all of your successes, big and small. Building and sustaining a voice-over career is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s a fun and creative industry and it’s important to remember that all steps forward are wins. Sometimes even a step back in order to move forward is a win too! The more you celebrate your accomplishments, the greater your wins will grow.”

Rosemary Chase, Voice-Over Coach
“When a voice actor shifts their focus on to the listener and off of themselves, their instrument (voice and body) has freedom from their mind to fully express itself.”

Brian Thon, Voice-Over Coach
“Where there’s one client that will pay you for your talent there’s a world of clients who will.”

Bekka Burton, Script writer, Copywriter and Copy editor
“I’m not a hockey fan but words of Wayne Gretzky’s once made their way to my tingling ears. He said, ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.’ This can be applied to everything in life! I have it on a post-it above my desk and remind myself of it every day. Life is all about taking risks and potential jobs, clients, and employers will never know about you if you don’t take that shot!”

Here at Such A Voice, we’re always eager to give our guidance to you throughout your voice-over journey. We’re excited to announce that starting next Wednesday (6/6), you’ll be seeing the faces AND hearing the voices of our staff, as we will be launching our Working Wednesdays segment. Every Wednesday, one of our staff members will be producing a short 2-3 minute video, inviting you into their lives as a voice actor. There are SO many topics for us to explore together in the voice-over industry; recording sessions, setting up home studio equipment, editing audio clips, traveling to meet with a voice-over agent, the list goes on! Join us next Wednesday as voice-over coach Tia Sorensen kicks off our Working Wednesdays segment!


Enjoyed these motivational quotes? We hope that they have inspired you to follow your passions, and if that means pursuing voice-overs, you may want to check out our shockingly simple idea about how to find success in the voice-over industry.

Also, we always appreciate hearing your feedback, so join the conversation and see what’s trending about Such A Voice!



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